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Rumor: Is Episode VII's Code Name 'Foodles Productions Ltd'?

Posted by Eric on August 1, 2013 at 06:59 AM CST

Jedi News has a report stating that Lucasfilm has booked space at the U.K.'s Pinewood Studios for the next ten years under the pseudonym Foodles Productions Ltd. The name corresponds to a company that was registered to Disney's London headquarters on March 26, 2013. Jedi News' report also stated that filming may begin sooner than we'd previously thought:

Further to this we understand that the film has been in pre-production at Pinewood Studios for three and a half months in advance of an August 2013 shooting date. We hear they have block booked the studios for 10 years and that construction of offices and facilities on-site is underway. Also storage space is being located in the local area.
We reached out to Lucasfilm yesterday when this rumor first surfaced, but the company did not respond to our request for comment. A Lucasfilm spokesman did tell Big Shiny Robot's Bryan Young that the August 2013 filming part of the rumor is false. Bryan wrote:
I talked to a Lucasfilm spokesperson who didn’t comment on the codename, but did say that during her Q and A at Star Wars Celebration: Europe, Kathy Kennedy said that the new Star Wars film wouldn’t shoot until next year. “Nothing has changed.”
The fact that Lucasfilm hasn't confirmed or denied that Foodles Productions Ltd. is their code name for Episode VII lends credence to the idea that the pseudonym is real. If the code name is genuine, the publicity now surrounding it online eliminates any chance that it will fool people the way "Blue Harvest" did.

Head over to Jedi News for the full rumor report, and check out their follow-up story for more information about the process of setting up decoy companies (like Foodles) to book studio space.

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