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Star Wars Shadow Fall

Meet The Villain Of Star Wars: Shadow Fall

Posted by Steve on April 3, 2020 at 06:45 AM CST

This Week! In Star Wars gave us our first look at the big bad from Alexander Freed's upcoming Alphabet Squadron sequel, "Star Wars: Shadow Fall", and it turns out he was under our noses the entire time!

Book two in the Alphabet Squadron trilogy, "Shadow Fall" finds Yrica Quell and her squadron still on the hunt for the elusive "Shadow Wing", the Empire's most efficient and deadly squad of TIE Fighter's ever assembled. As we know, before she defected and joined the New Republic, Quell was a pilot for the 204th and Soran Keize was her mentor.

Here's the publisher's summary for "Shadow Fall"...

News of the New Republic's victory still reverberates through the galaxy. In its wake, the capital ships of the newly legitimized galactic government journey to the farthest stars, seeking out and crushing the remnants of imperial tyranny. But some old ghosts are harder to banish than others. And none are more dangerous than Shadow Wing.

Yrica Quell's ragtag Alphabet Squadron still leads the search for Shadow Wing, but they're no closer to their goal—and the pressure to find their quarry before it's too late has begun to shake them apart. Determined to finish the fight once and for all, Quell works with New Republic Intelligence's contentious Caern Adan and the legendary General Hera Syndulla to prepare the riskiest gambit of her starfighting career—a trap for Shadow Wing that could finish the chase once and for all.

But in the darkness, their enemy has evolved. Soran Keize, last of the Imperial aces, has stepped into the power vacuum at the head of Shadow Wing, reinvigorating the faltering unit in their hour of need. Once adrift in the aftershocks of the war, Keize has found meaning again, leading the lost soldiers of his unit through to safety. The only thing standing in his way? The most mismatched squadron in the New Republic Navy, led by his former mentee: the traitor Yrica Quell.

Those of us that have read "Alphabet Squadron" are familiar with Keize and saw this coming as book one came to a conclusion. But now, thanks to Kristin Baver, we have confirmation that Keize has officially stepped into the role of the antagonist.

From Star Wars dot com...

Star Wars Alphabet Squadron Soran Keize

In Shadow Fall, book two of the Alphabet Squadron trilogy, we’ll not only see more of our New Republic pilots, but also get a deeper look into what the Imperial Remnant is up to. Major Soran Keize is now back in command of Shadow Wing, and the experienced commander is desperately trying to give the directionless Imperial unit something to fight for. As some members of his unit turn to specters of the past for comfort (like those creepy Palpatine messenger droids), Soran decides to give Shadow Wing a future — by targeting Alphabet Squadron and the other New Republic fighters under the command of General Hera Syndulla.

"Star Wars: Shadow Fall" is published by Del Rey Books and will be available June 23rd, 2020. You can pre-order a copy today by clicking HERE!

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