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Meet Ezra, A Young Hero Of Star Wars Rebels

Posted by Eric on February 14, 2014 at 11:45 AM CST

TV Guide has revealed a new character who will join the cast of Disney's Star Wars Rebels this fall: a young man named Ezra who sees his home planet of Lothal turn into a stark example of the Empire's brutality and brings his nascent Force sensitivity to the also nascent rebel alliance in response. Here's part of the TV Guide article that describes Ezra:

As Darth Vader and Co. begin to expand their grip on the Outer Rim, Ezra will be drawn into the burgeoning rebel alliance. "With Ezra we see how a kid is reacting to this imperial rule," Filoni tells TV Guide Magazine. "That becomes a big question: What is imperial rule like? We've seen it in the movies with a big rebellion that ends up blowing up the Death Star, but do we just assume that when the Empire took over in Revenge of the Sith it was seen as a bad thing? I would challenge that. It wasn't this terrible thing that came in and was cruel to everyone all at once. It was slow to build its power base and spread out, and then we get to see the rebel alliance it affects, and the repercussions of that tyranny."
Lucasfilm has also given TV Guide this introductory video about Ezra:

According to the article, "Ezra will be mentored by Kanan," the older Jedi whom we met earlier this week.

Also in the article is an announcement of two Rebels teaser trailers that will air on Disney XD on Monday, February 17 during Kickin' It (6:00 p.m. ET) and Lab Rats (6:30 p.m. ET).

Head over to TV Guide to read more about Ezra and to hear from Taylor Gray, the voice actor who will portray him.

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