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Making Of ROTJ Excerpt: George Lucas Plans The Prequels

Posted by Eric on May 22, 2013 at 10:26 AM CST

The Huffington Post has shared a great excerpt from J.W. Rinzler's The Making of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, which is due out later this year. In the excerpt, George Lucas, writer Lawrence Kasdan, director Richard Marquand, and Howard Kazanjian discuss Anakin's early life, his gravitation toward the Emperor ("at this point nobody knew was that bad, because he was an elected official"), and his fall to the dark side. The discussion was part of a story conference for Episode VI in July 1981.

Check out this passage from HuffPo's excerpt of the conversation:

Lucas: [...] Also another misconception is that Yoda teaches Jedi, but he is like a guru; he doesnít go out and fight anybody.

Kasdan: A Jedi Master is a Jedi isnít he?

Lucas: Well, he is a teacher, not a real Jedi. Understand that?

Kasdan: I understand what youíre saying, but I canít believe it; I am in shock.

Lucas: Itís true, absolutely true, not that it makes any difference to the story.

Kasdan: You mean he wouldnít be any good in a fight?

Lucas: Not with Darth Vader he wouldnít.

Kasdan: I accept it, but I donít like it.
You can read the rest of the excerpt over at The Huffington Post. The Making of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi> will be published by Del Rey Books on October 1.

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