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Lucasfilm Publishing Panel Brings The Star Wars Goods

Posted by Steve on October 6, 2018 at 07:16 AM CST

During Day 2 of New York's largest pop culture event, Lucasfilm Creative Director Michael Siglain brought with him authors from all over the Star Wars publishing spectrum. The rather large panel, 10 deep, included writers Christian Blauvelt, Jody Houser, Justina Ireland, Mur Lafferty, Michael Moreci, Greg Pak, Amy Ratcliffe, Charles Soule, Robbit Thompson and Chuck Wendig.

They went down the line and discussed many current and past projects that each of them have been involved with throughout their Lucasfilm career.

But comic con is about the reveals and this panel didn't disappoint. But before they talked about new business, they had to disscuss old business first. Charles Soule, who just ended an amazing run with his Poe Dameron comic, annoucned that Issue #25 of his very popular Darth Vader series will be its last as the series comes to an end. The issue will hit newstands in December, concluding his “Fortress of Vader” story arc. Having spoken with Charles, I can tell you these remaining issues will change the Star Wars game forever and you will never look at the Sith Lord the same way again. But fret not Vader fans, almost in the same breath, Siglain announced that author Chuck Wendig would be picking up the slack with a brand new Darth Vader run called, "Shadow of Vader", which will come out in November. “Vader is a character with a long shadow, literally and figuratively. His legacy is deep and unpleasant.”, said Wendig who was clearly excited to dig into this character.

Final Vader Issue

Shadow of Vader

Perhaps the most exciting annoucement came from the Del Rey department where we got a first look at the cover art for Claudia Gray's wildly anticiapted new book, "Master & Apprentice", which of course comes out next April. And a brand new Star Wars book by writer Alexander Freed titled, "Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron" due out next June...

Set after Return of the Jedi, Alphabet Squadron follows a unique team of pilots, each flying a different class of letter designated starfighter as they struggle to end the war they fought so long for once and for all.

Alphabet Squadron

Master and Apprentice Cover

As for Amy Ratcliffe, her new book Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy has been blowing people away and held an amazing panel of her own on Day 1, gave us four new illustrations from the hotly anticipated book which doesn't come out unitl October 30th. For Amy's thoughts on this exciting time, check out my interview with her coming soon. In the meantime feast your eyes of these images...

Women of the Galaxy
Art by Geneva Bowers

Women of the Galaxy
Art by Elsa Charretier

Women of the Galaxy
Art by Little Corvus

Women of the Galaxy
Art by Annie Stoll

Another great first look came to us from Greg Pak and the "Age of..." comic series announced back at San Diego Comic-Con. The 24-part series will release two issues each month and focus on a specific era, Republic, Rebellion, and Resistance. Pak drew the Rebellion straw, no easy feat, and admittedly had to go back and do some re-watching saying, “The thing I’ve really loved as I’ve watched and re-watched is that I’m picking up on things I hadn’t noticed or just taken for granted. " Lucky for us, we got a first look at his Issue #1 covers...

Age of Rebellion Leia Cover

Age of Rebellion Vader Cover

That's the big news guys but there was plenty more, espcially from new fun stuff coming from Justina Ireland, Michael Morecei, Robbit Thompson. I encourage you to check it all out at StarWars.com and directly from the publishers.

For more NYCC action check back here or go to www.newyorkcomiccon.com for all the details.


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