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LEGO All-Stars

LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars “Scouting For Leia/A Mission With Maz” Recap

Posted by Steve on December 5, 2018 at 06:57 AM CST

Spoiler Warning!

Here’s a look back at last week’s all-new episode of LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars “Scouting for Leia/A Mission with Maz”


LEGO Star Wars All-Stars

Scouting for Leia


We start off on D’Qar where Moxie, Roger and Ka-Pao are doing their best to help the Resistance. If you remember, last time we saw Moxie her Aunt Kordi, now a Senator, had introduced her to Resistance leader General Leia Organa. Since she’s a Freemaker, it’s in her DNA to get into the parts and salvage business, so she’s put together the “Parts-You-Needer-Speeder”, a sort of mobile parts dealer. Other names Roger came up with were the “Mobile Parts Platter” and the “Master Faster Parts Blaster”

They make their rounds around the base, helping crews by providing much needed parts to repair their various ships, bombers and speeders. Included in this are Rose Tico and her sister Paige!

A Lieutenant Mundu stops them from continuing and gives them heck since he assigned Moxie to inventory, not parts distribution. Things get worse, when a ship they provided parts for, spins out of control and causes a series of accidents on the base. This is because Roger accidentally gave them a deflector shield generator instead of a stabilizing gyroscope. Classic Roger.

We cut to the city of Canto Bight on Cantonica where we are witness to the grand opening of “Graballa’s Beachside Resort and Buffet”! It seems Graballa the Hutt, after 40 years of hard work and investment pitches, has finally opened his dream resort. Graballa is standing out front with Yeppau, basking in his success. He is standing next to a golden statue of himself out front depicting him eating a pretzel and drinking, nice touch.

Just as the grand opening is underway, Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma show up to spoil Graballa’s mood. Kylo is treasure hunting and is looking to add to his collection of his late grandfather’s artifacts. He is after Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter, the final piece he needs for his collection, and they inform Graballa that the last people to have the Starfighter on record were the Freemakers. Since Graballa has history with them and Darth Vader, Ren expects him to help fulfill this mission.

“Droids can mean a lot to a Rebellion…and a family”

Back on D’Qar, Lieutenant Mundu is dressing down Moxie and her friends for being rash fool hearty and irresponsible. Moxie pleads her case, saying she’s only doing what comes natural to her as her parents, aunt and uncle all played a role in the Rebellion and she wants to do her part for the Resistance.

He’s not buying it and orders her to wipe Roger’s memory banks, citing a security risk. Moxie gets angry at the request stating Roger has been in her family for generations and refuses to wipe the memory of her best friend.
Mundu becomes very angry and General Leia Organa shows up to calm the situation down. He explains to her the situation and that Moxie is refusing a direct order. She orders him to let it slide and comments that droids can be like family as she spots C-3PO (with red arm) and a still “asleep” R2-D2.

Leia gives Moxie the assignment of scouting old Rebel bases for anything they can use in the Resistance, very Freemaker. They visit abandoned Rebel bases on Yavin, Atollon (Rebels!) and Hoth but find nothing but a baby Wampa. They have one last place to visit on their list, Crait. There, they find nothing but a bunch of junk and some old Ski Speeders, so they decide to go for a rip across the red salt flats.

As they are doing this, they are spotted by a First Order probe droid who begins to fire upon them. They must take it out before it can report back to the First Order, so they attack it. It takes out Roger’s and Ka-Pao’s speeders, so it is left to Moxie to destroy it. She has lost her lasers, so she plays a game of chicken with the droid but ejects right before collision, destroying both the droid and her speeder.

The problem is, before they were able to destroy the probe, it destroyed their ship, stranding them on Crait. Roger mentions he has an old friend on a nearby planet that could possibly help. That nearby friend is Takodana and the old friend is Maz Kanata!

The end.

LEGO Star Wars All-Stars

A Mission with Maz

“I’ve seen those eyes before…”

Back at “Graballa’s Beachside Resort and Buffet”, Raam and Baash have repaired the statue of Graballa that Kylo Ren destroyed while the Hutt is inside complaining about the assigned mission. He’s eating a plate of “Canto Mini Bites” and wondering how he’s going to find the Freemakers after all these years.

Raam and Baash walk by with a still frozen in carbonite Naare!

He gets the idea to find an old droid control ship and use it to hack Roger into bringing the Freemakers to him. Yeppau tells him there’s an old Lucrehulk on Ord Tellarom, the site of an old Clone Wars battle and was seen in the last episode, “Dealing with Lando/Han and Chewie Strike Back”. They head there and see the droid control ship they need.

On board Maz’s ship, the Pirate Queen is looking at Moxie realizing she recognizes her eyes, having seen them before. It dawns on her that she is related to the Freemakers whom she met those many years ago. They have a great moment where Maz is trying to remember Zander’s axiom and Moxie yells, “Superstar pilot guy!”

Roger, now under the control of Graballa, jumps into the pilot seat and turns the ship around, heading for Ord Tellarom. He is aware of what he’s doing but can’t help himself. Once on the ground, Maz grabs Roger with the jetpack she got back in the short, “What Goes Up” and the others trap him in a makeshift holding pen.

“I didn’t, and I won’t…”

Maz spots the Lucrehulk and presumes someone has hacked into it to control Roger. They spot Graballa and as they are trying to figure out why he is doing this, Roger breaks out of the cage and stuns the three of them. When they wake up, they see Roger walking toward Graballa.

They use the jet-pack to get to the control panel inside the droid control ship where Maz gets back control of Roger. Graballa’s thugs try to get Roger but he fights them off, with help from Maz of course, who is controlling him.

Just as Phasma calls for an update, a Zillo beast shows up spelling more bad news for Graballa and his men. Back on Takodana, Moxie and the team are looking for a ride at Maz’s cantina. At one point, in a blink and you’ll miss it moment, you see Han Solo, Rey and Fin enter Maz’s cantina giving you a sense of the timeline.

Pru is back and spots them, reporting to Graballa that he found the droid he’s looking for. He stuns Roger and takes off, with Moxie and Ka-Pao right behind them in a ship Pao bought. They are in pursuit but Pru takes off into hyperspace before they can disable his engines. As they themselves are about to jump into hyperspace, they are witness to an awful sight. They have a front row seat to the destruction of the Hosnian System by the Starkiller Base as see in The Force Awakens.

They are struggling to come to grips with what they’ve just witnessed, and Moxie decides the chase for Roger will have to wait as they must report this to the Resistance.

“Be strong Roger, we will rescue you as soon as I can… I promise.”

The end.

The final episode of LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars titled, “Rolling with BB-8/Resistance on the Run”, airs Saturday, December 8th at 11:00 AM EST/PST.

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