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LEGO All-Stars

LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars "Dealing With Lando/Han And Chewie Strike Back" Recap

Posted by Steve on November 28, 2018 at 11:14 AM CST

Here’s a look back at last week’s all-new episode of LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars "Dealing with Lando/Han and Chewie Strike Back"


Dealing with Lando

LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars

“There’s good trouble, and there’s bad trouble…”

Like we saw last week, Lena and Pace stowed away in a communal cargo crate, hoping to catch a free ride to Canto Bight. With the Cpl. Estoc after Lena and Graballa the Hutt after Pace, the pseudo-fugitives were forced to go on the run. But, instead of winding up on Canto Bight, they are surprised and greatly disappointed to learn they’ve been dumped on the cold snowy planet Vandor.

They head inside Fort Ypso where they almost decide to go their separate ways. With the Empire after Lena and a Hutt after Pace, it seems too risky to travel together. Lena changes her mind, seeing the potential in a partnership with Pace and they make a deal to at least stay together until they reach Canto Bight.

Short on funds, as in zero credits, and no ship to fly, they are a bit lost in the wilderness at this point. However, standing within earshot of their dilemma is none other than Lando Calrissian who offers them a way out. He mentions a very lucrative, but equally dangerous, mission involving corusca gems that could make all of them rich enough to, “buy Canto Bight” They agree, mostly because they have no other options.

So, they head to Docking Bay #3 where they see the Millennium Falcon for the first time and are introduced to Lando’s co-pilot/droid L3-37. She’s not overly impressed by the “crew” he hired but goes along with it.

The plan Lando has is to track a nearby comet made almost entirely of corusca gems. He will blast some of the gems free while Lena and Pace, in the Falcon’s escape shuttle, catch as many gems as they can in a net without getting destroyed. The gems pose a huge threat as they can rip through most ships’ hulls.

Lando’s plan is working until they are interrupted by Graballa the Hutt and Cpl. Estoc. They were able to locate them thanks to one of Graballa’s spies, Pru Sweevant, planting a tracker on the Falcon back on Vandor. Estoc places a tractor beam on the Falcon, demanding Lando turn over the fugitives, but can’t detect the Lena and Pace through the comet.
As Lando tries to deal with them, claiming the fugitives are not aboard, Lena and Pace slip in behind the comet so as not to be detected. Lena doesn’t trust Lando, understandably, and wants to leave with Pace and the gems. Pace struggles with this idea and wants to honor the deal he made with Lando and help him.

LEGO Star Wars All-Stars

“It’s not about who he is; it’s about who we are…”

This is an important exchange between Lena and Pace as I believe this is the moment where she falls in love with Pace.
Pace gets the idea to build up enough speed, release the net and launch the gems at the ships causing them to release the tractor beam on the Falcon. The plan works and they are able to escape. Graballa and Estoc are left distraught having been so close, and Jabba appears to give his cousin a piece of his mind.

They ask Lando if he would take them to Canto Bight but Lando insists that’s no place for fugitives who are trying to not be seen. Instead, he takes them to the Wheel and what will eventually become the “Freemaker Salvage and Repair” shop.

Pace is excited at the premise of starting a new life for himself on the Wheel but Lando urges caution, saying not to use their real names. It’s Lena, using Lando’s inspiration that comes up the name “Freemaker” Before he leaves, Lando suggest wearing a moustache as a disguise, and to add some style!

Lena asks Pace if he could use a partner in this business, Pace is open to the idea and they kiss.

The end.

Han and Chewie Strike Back

LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars

“I’ve never seen a ship in need of more repair…”

For the second half, we move forward about 5 years in the timeline and meet up with Han Solo and Chewbacca on the Ring of Kafrene who are avoiding a deal gone bad. Awan Zek and his Rodian thugs are after Solo for not living up to his part of a trade deal, some spice for rare ship parts. Zek wants a rare Clone Wars part called a durasteel transmuter coil, which Solo promises to deliver claiming to be a Clone Wars expert. He is not.

Solo gets the idea to the fly to the Wheel to meet up with someone who knows all about the Clone Wars, and that someone is Pace.

On the Wheel, Pace is struggling to make a sale and the shop is in desperate need of a win to get over a rough patch. From the back, Lena emerges with not one, but two little Freemakers in the form of a 4-year-old Zander and an infant Kordi!

Just then the Falcon shows up and while Lena is happy to see her old friend Chewbacca, Pace is furious to see Solo who destroyed his Jedi starfighter back on Corellia. Solo explains the situation to Pace after he calms down, that he needs a durasteel transmuter coil from the Clone Wars era. He mentions going to Ord Tellarom, the site of a deserted Clone Wars battle site, picking up a coil and then promising to never bother Pace again. Pace accepts the deal and they all go to Ord Tellarom, kids included.

Once there, they find a transmuter coil quickly, but their presence has disturbed a Zillo beast, so they are forced to seek refuge in a nearby Lucrehulk battle droid control ship.

LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars

“See ya around, Freemaker…”

While in there, Pace gets the idea to use the ship to re-activate a squad of the battle droids, hoping to use them to distract the Zillo to allow their escape. The plan works as a bunch of B1’s spring to life and begin their attack on the beast, allowing everyone to run past and make it to the Falcon.

The droids get wiped out quickly save one, and before Pace can board the Falcon, Zander, who he is carrying, calls out to the remaining droid. Not wanting to disappoint his son, Pace waits for the droid to catch up and boards the ship with them as they escape, albeit with one missing arm. Before they leave however, Han swoops back in and picks up a Jedi star fighter, saying he’s “just gotta have it”

Back at the shop, the battle droid R0-GR confirms that the star fighter belonged to General Anakin Skywalker, a great Jedi from the Clone Wars. Lena repairs the droid’s arm and reprograms him to go from Jedi killing machine to nanny! Lo and behold, Roger is born!

Turns out, the Jedi starfighter is a gift from Solo to Pace, making up for the one he destroyed back on Corellia, all those years ago. Pace thinks the ship could turns things around for “Freemaker Salvage and Repair” and the get to work as they bid farewell to Han, Chewie and the Falcon.

The end.

Next on LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars - Saturday, December 1st "Scouting for Leia/A Mission with Maz"

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