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Star Wars John Guydo Trilogy

John Guydo "Original Star Wars Saga Triptych" Timed Edition Set

Posted by Steve on May 2, 2019 at 09:27 PM CST

To celebrate Star Wars Day, artist John Guydo created a Star Wars original trilogy poster set for this grand occasion. Each piece is hand-numbered and officially licensed by Lucasfilm and Acme Archives.

Normally these sell out very quickly, but the good news is that this set is a timed edition, which means they'll print as many as are sold. But the sale ends Sunday, May 5th at 11:59 EST, so don't wait too long!

Here's what John had to say about this beautiful set...

Instead of creating traditional movie posters, I wanted to try a more narrative approach. For me, it wasn’t about crowding the image with as much content as possible. For these pieces I decided to focus on Luke’s journey.

For example, on the “A New Hope” poster it chronicles Luke’s story from Tatooine on the bottom up to the Death Star on top. There was something about the vertical composition that really worked for me with this concept. Likewise, the “Return of the Jedi” poster has the same bottom up concept.

For “The Empire Strikes Back” poster I really wanted to focus on Luke’s inner struggle. So Yoda sits below the lightsaber duel on Bespin to illustrate Luke’s dark premonition from the cave on Dagobah. Like the others, I used the AT-AT walker at the top to portray the looming dark side always overhead.

It's only available through the Bottleneck Gallery, so click HERE and get your set today!

Star Wars May 4th John Guydo

Star Wars May 4th John Guydo

Star Wars May 4th John Guydo

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