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Episode VII Auditions: One Confirmed, Another One Rumored

Posted by Eric on October 1, 2013 at 12:23 PM CST

Club Jade alerts us to a pair of Star Wars Episode VII casting stories today. The first is that actress Saoirse Ronan, whose audition was rumored last month, confirmed that she had read for a role in the film. This is from Sky News:

The 19-year-old Irish actress, whose new film How I Live Now opens this week, has confirmed rumours that she has auditioned for a role - before modestly adding "so has everyone".


When questioned on the subject of the film by Sky News - the Atonement star said bosses would "chop off her head with a light-sabre" if she revealed any more.
While nothing is 100% verified until Lucasfilm or Disney says it is, this Saoirse Ronan story appears to be one thing that Latino Review got right.

Speaking of Latino Review, they're back with another casting rumor. According to them, Sullivan Stapleton (who will star in the upcoming movie 300: Rise of an Empire) read for a part in Episode VII. "This bit of information was confirmed via reps and other solid sources," writes LR's Kellvin Chavez, "so any denials would be nothing more than a smokescreen." Chavez's source also told him, "don't believe reports that they're not filming in New Mexico."

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