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Star Wars Fan Expo Canada

DK Canada Bringing New Star Wars Titles To FANEXPO

Posted by Steve on August 12, 2019 at 11:11 AM CST

With FAN EXPO Canada happening next week in Toronto from August 22nd to 25th, DK Canada has created a special FAN EXPO boutique, featuring the titles that they will be showcasing at their DK Canada booth on the show floor!

Included in the showcase are two books making their world debut at the event this year including the hilarious "How Not To Get Eaten By Ewoks and other Galactic Survival Skills" by Christian Blauvelt, as well as a new updated edition of their popular "Star Wars Character Encyclopedia".

Star Wars How Not to Get Eaten By Ewoks

About Star Wars How Not to Get Eaten by Ewoks and Other Galactic Survival Skills...

The Star Wars galaxy is a dangerous place. From ruthless bounty hunters, ferocious beasts, and extreme weather, to hostile landscapes, social minefields, and backstabbing allies-perils and hazards are never far away! How do you flee an exploding Death Star? What's the best way to source a starship at a spaceport? How would you escape kidnap by Tusken Raiders on Tatooine? Survival means keeping your wits about you. This fun, practical Star Wars book will teach you how to recognise threats and learn what to do to stay alive in a galaxy far, far away.

Explore the methods used by your favorite Star Wars movie characters to escape sticky situations, with this handy manual. DK's How Not to Get Eaten by Ewoks will help you to navigate galactic pitfalls, whether you're learning how to avoid offending aliens of other species, or trying to find food and shelter in emergency situations. From survival kits and disguises, to tips on diplomacy and etiquette, this book's step-by-step instructions, illuminating graphics, and beautiful illustrations will ensure your survival in a galaxy where anything can happen!

Star Wars Character Encylopedia

About Star Wars Character Encyclopedia New Edition

The definitive guide to more than 200 heroes, villains, aliens, and droids of the Star Wars galaxy is now packed with new characters from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Want to know how tall Snoke is? Or learn where Maz Kanata is from? The Star Wars: Character Encyclopedia is full of fun facts and intriguing information that's guaranteed to enthrall fans of all ages. With plenty of lesser-known details, even die-hard fans will learn new facts about iconic characters.

To check out the DK Canada FAN EXPO Boutique and all the Star Wars titles they'll have with them, go to

For more information on FAN EXPO Canada, go to

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