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501st Walking Wounded Challenge Coins Now Available
Posted by Dustin on September 25, 2017 at 01:20 PM CST
From Albin Johnson, Founder of the 501st:

Ten years ago Joe Price and I agreed that Star Wars costumers with disabilities deserved recognition and acceptance for their efforts. So at long last we offer a challenge coin honoring the disabled troopers, Jedi, pilots, Mandos, and every other denizen of a galaxy far, far away.

$8 apiece ($5 ea for orders of 10 or more)
PayPal to (please state what you are ordering)
add $4 shipping for every three ordered
($6 shipping for every three shipped outside the U.S.)
1.5" in diameter, ships in late October
art by Dave Liew

We will be setting a bunch aside to give to our WW Detachment members, disabled vets, and other non-members we meet at events or hospitals! Thank you for your support!

AL (TK210)