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R2-KT Minions Patch Re-Released

Posted by Ryan on June 2, 2017 at 07:55 PM CST

501st Legion Founder Albin Johnson has reached out to us to share info about a R2-KT patch that is being re-released:

This was one of the most popular patches we've ever done, but that was four years ago. With the new Despicable Me movie coming out June 30, we figured it was time to bring back the Minions! We're also doing STICKERS!

Patches (3.5" fully embroidered):
$7 each ($5 each for orders of five stickers or more!)
Stickers (3" vinyl die-cut):
$1.50 each ($1 each for orders of ten stickers or more!)

All orders require $1 shipping (covers unlimited items, $2 for orders outside the U.S.)
PayPal to
Benefits Make-A-Wish Foundation
PLEASE send payments as regular 'Goods and Services' so we keep PayPal happy :)
Please list what item(s) you are ordering in your transaction.
All items ship late June

Be sure to get one of these to support a great cause, and that's one cool patch!

Below is an image of the design:

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