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R2-KT Halloween Patch Is Now Available To Order

Posted by Dustin on October 8, 2014 at 05:32 PM CST

AL (KT's man-servant) sent in the following:

Friends of R2-KT and the Legions!
One of the most popular patches has always been our Halloween patch, and this year the crazy kids from Nightmare Before Christmas have made KT their victim! Juan Jose Matamoros heard my idea for a patch design and nailed it! Available as a whopping 4" x 5" patch in amazing color fully embroidered, it supports Make-A-Wish and will ship in time for Halloween. Just $7 free shipping paypal to - very small run so grab as many as you like but do so soon.

Quick item #1: The original 1998 501st Squad commemorative patch sold out but we're ordering more. Get one on this run if you missed out. Same order details as above, benefits UNICEF.

Quick item #2: If you missed out on the KT-and-Spider-man patch or the DroidVengers patch, we have a small batch left, just $7 each or $10 for the pair! Spidey helps Give Kids the World, Cap & Black Widow benefit UNICEF

Have a safe and happy Halloween season!

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