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In New Video, George Lucas Pitches His Proposed Cultural Arts Museum
Posted by Eric on July 1, 2013 at 07:53 PM CST |
The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum is currently competing with two other projects for a patch of prime real estate on San Francisco's Presidio campus (coincidentally home to Lucasfilm's headquarters at the Letterman Digital Arts Center). Today, Mashable revealed a video promoting the museum that Lucas himself helped edit. Head here to check it out.

The Presidio Trust, which controls the land, is expected to select a winning proposal later this year. If it isn't George Lucas, well, he has other options, Mashable reports.
Lucas insiders say that if the Presidio doesn't choose his proposal, he won't look elsewhere in the Bay Area ? he'll build it in Chicago, where Mayor Rahm Emmanuel awaits with open arms. "It'll be a nice wedding present for Mellody," the former Lucasfilm chief has said.
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