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Kuat Freight Port
a division of Kuat Drive Yards, the Freight Port handled all incoming shipments of raw materials as well as movement of materials within the Drive Yards. Despite its name, the port was actually located some distance from Kuat, on the edge of the Inner Kuat Transfer Zone, in order to protect the planet itself from being deluged with traffic.

L19 Light Freighter
this is a Surronian transport ship design, part of a "limited edition" of starship designs produced by Surron StarTech when the Surronians were deep in an economic depression. The 'L' in the name indicated that the L19 was from one of these limited editions. At 50 meters in length, the L19 was a flattened sphere of a craft which could transport up to 150 metric tons of cargo while comfortably accommodating a crew of four and up to seven passengers. In its stock configuration, the L19 was armed with two turret-mounted blaster cannons.
(SS, PP)

L19a Freighter
this was a special, luxury edition of the Surronian L19 heavy freighter.

March, Reina
this woman was the leader of the anarchist group known as Edge-9, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Known for her skills as a hand-to-hand fighter, Reina often dressed in non-descript clothing in order to blend in with a crowd. She was sometimes seen in the company of Dannl Faytonni.

Marl-class Heavy Freighter
this heavy freighter was designed and manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards during the early decades of the New Republic.

Maso-class Freighter
an out-dated light cargo hauler.

Model 47 Light Freighter
his Arden Industries freighter measured 30 meters in length, and required a pilot and co-pilot to operate. It had room for up to six additional passengers, and could transport up to 100 metric tons of cargo.

Momen, Reija
this matronly woman, a native of the planet Alderaan, was the chief administrator of the Intergalatic Communications Center on Praesitlyn during the height of the Clone Wars. She had been in charge of the facility for seven years, and considered its staff to be her only family. In fact, they lovingly called her "Momma Momen." She had just five years left on her tour of duty at Praesitlyn before she could return home when the planet was blockaded and attacked by Separatist forces led by Pors Tonith. She had been in contact with General Khamar of the Grand Army of the Republic, who had laid out the defensive plans for protecting the communications center, but they were cut off when the Separatists began jamming all communications. Rather than panicking, Momen drew her support staff together and prepared to destroy the facility, should it fall into enemy hands. Her preparations were not enough, however, and they were quickly captured by Tonith's forces and held hostage. She hated the fact that Tonith was a Muun, since her own father had lost his farm because he couldn't make a loan payment after a series of bad harvests. Tonith took her as his primary hostage, and forced her to record a message to the Republic and its forces on Praesitlyn. Momen agreed, but rather than begging the Republic to abandon Praesitlyn so her staff would not be killed, she ordered the military to attack the Separatists. Her staff had agreed to do what was necessary to keep the center out of the Separatists' hands, and although Momen was beaten for her insolence, she remained strong. Her fortitude paid off for the Republic and her staff, especially when Anakin Skywalker launched a crazy mission to rescue them. Unfortunately, just after Anakin liberated them from the facility's command center, Reija was shot in the chest by a battle droid. The droid would have shot Anakin, as well, but its weapon locked up from poor maintenance. Anakin destroyed it, then used his anger at Reija's useless death to complete the mission.

Nastascha, Areilla
this woman was a high-ranking noble of House Cadriaan, and a member of Lady Bathos' inner council. Areilla grew up on Achillea with Lady Bathos, but Areilla concentrated on sports and the military. She served for twelve years in the Tapani Sector House Guard before being recruited by Lady Bathos after her election. After learning that House Melantha was working with Mining Guild auditor Annora Calandra, Lady Areilla dispatched the Herglic lord Knumai to ask for help from the Alliance in determining their schemes.

N-class Freighter
this starship design had a squat cylinder for the main hull, with the cockpit mounted at the front of the cylinder and a central access tube running perpendicular to the cockpit at its midsection.

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