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Solo-class Combat Freighter
originally designed by the Metalsmith's Guild of Vandelhelm, on the orders of the Venerated One known as Lilli, the Solo-class combat freighter was named in honor fo Han Solo. Developed during the early years of the New Republic, the Solo-class freighter was manufactured jointly by the Republic Engineering Corporation and SoroSuub, with facilities provided by the Fondor Independent Shipyards, and was based on the prototypes produced on Vandelhelm. It was first marketed as "a revolution in armored transports." The idea behind the Solo-class combat freighter was to create a cargo ship that could more than handle its own against enemy ships, whether pirates or Imperials. The hull was double-plated with titanium alloys that could withstand a great deal of fire, and was formed around a lightweight plasteel superstructure. It was armed with six ball-mounted dual turbolaser cannons, three on each side, giving the ship complete coverage and eliminating any vulnerable spots. A pair of concussion missile launchers provided additional armament. The Solo-class combat freighter measured 96.5 meters in length, required a crew of six to operate, and could accommodate up to ten passengers and 22,000 metric tons of cargo. If the holds were empty, the ship could transport up to 100 troops. Despite its ability to move through space without an escort, many critics felt that the Solo-class combat freighter was overarmed and a waste of credits, as they carried a hefty price tag.

Solov, Reina
this stern-looking woman was an associate professor of archaeology at the University of Byblos. She specialized in the study of ancient cultures, and was investigating the Fellowship of Kooroo at the height of the Galactic Civil War.

this was the the first Sovereign-class Star Destroyer created for the reborn Emperor Palpatine, although it was never completed.

this New Republic supply ship made a regular run to the planet Alvorine during the years following the Battle and Endor. Note that this ship is also referred to as the Soverien.

Sovereign Beetle
this beetle, native to the planet Neimoidia, was noted for its intricately ornamental shell.

Sovereign Protectors
highest-ranking Imperial Royal Guards, the Sovereign Protectors are a highly trained and motivated group of elite guards. Individuals are chosen for their fitness, stamina, and strength, as well as their loyalty to Emperor Palpatine. They are tutored by the Dark Side Adepts in the use of the Force, but they have control of only the most elementary abilities.

Sovereign-class Star Destroyer
these huge, 15-kilometer-long warships were to be the penultimate Imperial weapon, surpassed only by the Eclipse-class Star Destroyer. Designed to instill fear, the Sovereign-class ships were equipped with an axial superlaser designed to destroy planets in much the same way the Death Star's laser eye would. Manned by 601,670 crewers and 4,075 gunners, the Sovereign-class also boasted 500 heavy turbolaser cannons, 500 turbolaser batteries, 75 ion cannons, 100 tractor beam projectors, and 5 gravity well projectors.

this city, located on the planet Janara III, was razed in an Imperial attack aimed at suspected rebel cells. Matt Turhaya had left his daughter, Alex, with relatives in Sreina just before the attack. Alex was rescued and taken in by Turk Winger.

Stalwart-class Light Freighter
designed and produced for compete in the marketplace with the YT-1300, the Stalwart-class freighter measured 19.7 meters in length and could transport up to five passengers and 120 metric tons of cargo. A pilot and co-pilot were required to operate the ship, which was armed with a turret-mounted laser cannon.

Starcat-class Freighter
designed and developed by Salem Victory and Dapp Solus, this class of freighter was created with one goal in mind: a heavily-armed freighter which didn't sacrfiice cargo space for additional protection. The Starcat, the first and only ship in the series, measured 32.8 meters in length, and was armed with a pair of concussion missile launchers and three turret-mounted, double laser cannons.

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