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Starlight Freighter
a series of freighter manufactured by Rendilli-Surron, the Starlight series was basically a flying wing. It measured 34 meters in length, and could transport four passengers and up to 50 metric tons of cargo. The cockpit sits at one end of the curved cargo wing, while a blaster cannon is mounted on a turret at the other end. The interior of the ship was quite spartan, with limited living space and no-frills appointments. Despite the limited success of the Starlight freighter, it was the last design produced by the efforts of Rendili and the Surronians.

Starmite-class Freighter
developed by SoroSuub, this small freighter resembled an unstreamlined teardrop. About 20 meters in length, the Starmite-class had a rounded nose, stubby wings, and a thick body that narrowed into a flattened tail section.

Stock Light Freighter
any small cargo ship, such as the Corellian YT-1300. Their small size has relegated them to lesser duty, since the advent of the larger bulk cruisers.

Tav Breil'lya
a cream-colored Bothan, and one of Borsk Fey'lya's top aides during the early years of the New Republic, Tav Breil'lya lacked the subtlety that Fey'lya had. This eventually cost the Bothans a measure of security during the time when Admiral Ackbar was under arrest for treason to the New Republic. Fey'lya had employed Breil'lya to be his emissary to Garm Bel Iblis' group of freedom fighters, but Breil'lya was tracked to one of their meetings by Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, who eventually persuaded Bel Iblis to rejoin the Republic. Breil'lya was a native of Kothlis, and wore his family's ornate crest on a chain around his neck. This necklace often gave his presence away, especially in public places, which was how Han and Lando recognized him on New Cov.

Tawntoom Freight
this was one of the largest transport companies based on the planet Roon, during the height of the New Order.

Thaereian Conflict
this was the term used by Cularin historians to describe the period of history in which the Thaereian Military took control of the Cularin System, during which the natives of the Cularin System fought back with every resource at their disposal and eventually expelled the Thaereians from their system. The Thaereian Conflict began shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars, and ended at their height. Because of this, many natives of the Cularin System equated the Clone Wars with the Thaereian Conflict, and believed that the Clone Wars would end soon after the defeat of the Thaereians.

Thaereian Military
this police organization's stated mission was "to protect the citizens of Cularin from domestic disturbances localized in the asteroid belt." Active during the decades leading up to the Battle of Naboo, the Thaereian Military was one of the many groups which handled intra-system military defense, before the Old Republic consolidated such control under their own military. Originally based on the three planets of the Thaere System, as well as the moon of Lonus Woud, the Thaereian Military was considered overly large for the system it protected, even during its earliest stages. The Military later expanded beyond its system boundaries, to fill the void which existed before the Old Republic began taking an interest in the defense of individual systems. This was especially true in the Cularin System, where the population became more and more lawless over the centuries, as smugglers and crimelords established bases in the Cularin System's asteroid belt. The Thaeraian Military appointed to protect the Cularin System by the Galactic Senate, much to the chagrin of the Cularin natives. Some time later, it was discovered that the Thaereians had been working with Eelo Begraas in developing starfighter attack techniques, although their exact nature and necessity were unknown. When Cularin suddenly disappeared from the system, then reappeared just as suddenly, the Cularin Militia discovered that the Thaereians had brought in a huge number of starships to the Cularin System. While the Thaereian Military, under the command of Admiral Jir Tramsig, claimed that the build-up was for the protection of the Cularin System after the near-disaster on Cularin, the Cularin Militia remained on high alert in case a war was started. Despite assurances from the Thaereian leaders that there were just 10,000 troops protecting Cularin, underground sources discovered that more than 173,000 troops were actually ready for battle. The revelation of this fact, coupled with the existence of The Burnout space station, led many Cularin natives to believe the Thaereian Military was not what it seemed. After rumors of Thaere's ties to the InterGalactic Banking Clan were reported on Eye on Cularin, open opposition to the Thaereian Military began to grow. Graffiti and stickers with the letters TINYF - standing for "Thaere Is Not Your Friend" - began to show up all over Cularin. The true depth of Thaere's alliance with the Separatists was revealed when Operation False Horizon was launched. With the onset of the Clone Wars, the Thaereian Military applied for and received military authorization to defend the Cularin System under a Republic Charter, much to the dismay of the inhabitants of the Cularin System. This action effectively meant that the entire system was under the control of the Thaereians, ostensibly with the full support of the Old Republic.

The Brief Reign of Future Wraiths
this Corellian opera was first produced more than twenty years before the Battle of Naboo, and was popular enough to attract galactic attention. The funding for the original production was acquired from several sources, including a large donation from the parents of Finis Valorum. After its surprisingly successful run on Coruscant, the opera was taken on the road by a troupe of Biths, and appeared on a wealth of planets over the next twenty years. It was staged at the prestigious Coruscant Opera house in the year leading up to the Battle of Naboo.

Th'san, Reike
this smuggler worked out of Mos Espa, on the planet Tatooine, during the last decades of the Old Republic, and attended the Boonta Eve Classic podrace which was won by Anakin Skywalker.

Tion Starfreight
this small shipping company operated in the Tion Hegemony when Han Solo was a smuggler, during the early years of the New Order. Despite its size, Tion Starfreight managed to claim a large portion of the transport market from Santhe Passenger and Freight.

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