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Deral Reiko
this Reussi was an informant who grew up in Torel Vorne's criminal organization. He evolved into an efficient asset locator, and has developed his own information agency. In this capacity, he supplies bounty hunters with information of newly-posted bounties.

Drei, Tho-Mes
this Jedi Master and instructor was known for his lectures on making and keeping promises. He was an advocate of a Jedi Knight who made sure to honor any promise he made. If he was unable to come through on the promise, Master Drei demanded that his students make amends to those he failed. Master Drei's message was basically that a Jedi Knight should never make a promise they could not keep. In his own words, "Deliver more than you promise. The best way to be always certain of this is to deliver much, even when you promsie nothing."

Dreighton Nebula
a spectacular nebula in an unimportant sector of the galaxy, the Dreighton Nebula was avoided by many space travelers. The nebula had been said to be haunted, and many ships that traveled through it mysteriously disappeared. During the last years of the Old Republic, the Dreighton Nebula served as a source of stygium crystals, used to create cloaking devices. Years later, Ru Murleen discovered an Imperial weapons research station there, and found that the Empire was responsible for the numerous missing starships.
(RA2, HNN5)

Dreis, Garven
Dreis was an Alliance starpilot, serving at the Dantooine base before volunteering for service as the leader of Red Squadron during the Battle of Yavin. He was the only pilot, besides Luke Skywalker, to even attempt a shot at the Death Star's thermal exhaust port, although his shot deflected on the surface instead of going down the shaft. He was later killed in the battle.

this former scientist was an explorer working under tenure with the Obroan Institute. He and Mokem had stumbled onto the Shadow Traproom on Liok, but both were killed in the strange room before they could perform more in-depth analysis.

Durasha, Reise
a native of the planet Lankashirr, Reise was Celia Durasha's father. He served the Empire - and the Old Republic before it - like the nine generations before him, and was a commander in the Imperial Navy. He sent all of his sons to the Academy, but told Celia that she couldn't go because "the Academy's no place for a woman."

this Dark Jedi was a native of Elrood, and was orphaned when Imperial forces demanded custody of his mother. They claimed she was being arrested for treasonous acts against the Empire, and Durrei's father objected. The Imperials opened fire, and Durrei tried to upon the meager Force skills he had. The Force failed to prevent the deaths of his parents, and Durrei grew angry. The Dark Side of the Force reached out to him, and Durrei wiped out the Imperials with his mind. From that point forward, he allowed himself to be consumed by the DarkSide. He was just twenty-two when he helped rally Imperial forces in the Corva Sector after the Battle of Endor. Durrei established a base of operations on Jandoon, where he collected ancient Jedi relics and other mystic artifacts, and hoped to recover a Kashi Mer artifact that had been found by Mahk'khar on Tuulab. He had kidnapped Professor Oron's daughter, Meela, and hoped to exchange her for the stone-like artifact.

Dwarf-class Freighter
this 150-meter freighter was built by Rendili Star Drive. It could transport up to 1,500 metric tons of cargo. It required a crew of 400, and was armed with 9 quad-laser batteries and a single turbolaser. The Dwarf-class had a gently-curving hull reminiscent of various Mon Calamari designs.

Electronic Freightways
this mysterious company has no address, no board of directors, and no contact information. Any deep research has led to another company by the same name, which went out of business well before the Clone Wars. Electronic Freightways, nevertheless, contracts a great number of independent spacers to carry its cargoes across the galaxy. Spacers discover unusual requests suddenly pop up on their datapads, indicated where to pick up the cargo and how much the job with pay. The company always seemed to have in-depth knowledge of the spacers they employ, and ensure the confidentiality of their cargoes by packing them in heavily reinforced crates.

Empire Freight Company
this shipping and transportation business worked from a base on Lamuir IV, and served much of Tapani Sector during the height of the New Order.

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