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FreiTek Incorporated
manufacturers of the New Republic's E-Wing fighter, FreiTek was formed by the engineers from Incom who defected to the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. They wanted show their loyalty to the New Republic, and the E-Wing was their first design. Its success has allowed them to continue to create new designs for review by the New Republic military.

Gale, Reina
this was a smuggler who parents joined the expedition to colonize the Mindavar System. Reina was one of the few members of the group who survived a virus that killed her parents before the colony could be established. She was placed in the custody of her uncle, who was forced to turn over over to a Hutt crimelord to cover a gambling debt. The Hutt sold her into slavery, and over thenext twelve years she became a hard, cold woman. When her Sullustan master acquired a Gigoran slave, Reina was the only member of his slaves who could talk to him. Reina and the Gigoran, who was named Rollos, escaped from slavery when Rollos destroyed the Sullustan's camp. The pair stole the slavelord's starship and fled, taking up the life of smugglers and swindlers. Reina once tried to run a deal on Arcura, but she was stopped by a group of Imperial AT-ATs there.

this planet was once a vibrant, ocean-covered world with strong ties to the Old Republic. Upon instituting the New Order on the planet, the leaders of the various governments chose to move slowly, retaining as many of the freedoms they once enjoyed. This delay in the implementation of the New Order was discovered by Emperor Palpatine, who decided that an example had to be made. As punishment, Palpatine ordered all the water from the planet to be exported to Coruscant, where it would augment that planet's already-poor supply. This left Gholondreine-b as an arid desert wasteland. Many of the planet's natives moved to other inhabited worlds in the nearby systems to escape the dying world. It was on this planet that Boba Fett and Bossk agreed to team up in order to collect the bounty on Trhin Voss'on't.

Gizer Freighter
a transportation starship.

Gotal Foreign Affairs Commune
this was the branch of the Gotal government on Antar 4 that was concerned with relations with the rest of the galaxy, especially the Old Republic and the Jedi Knights.

Imperial Freight Complex
the primary Imperial docking station located on the planet Byss, the Imperial Freight Complex was considered one of the most heavily-guarded facilities in the entire galaxy. Strangely, it was also one of the few places in the Deep Core where smugglers and other criminals congregated, if they managed to breach the Byss Security Zone.
(DE1, PH)

Imperial Guide to Negative Reinforcement, The
this Imperial military document described the correct usage of negative reinforcement, and proscribed the correct punishments to be used in certain disciplinary situations.

Intelligence Freighter
a specialized cruiser used by Imperial Intelligence, it was not overly marked or obvious.

Interceptor-class Light Freighter
this small class of triangular freighters was first manufactured by Arakyd, with the Helix Interceptor.

Jolian Freighter
an outdated form on transport ship.

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