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Jontz Freight
this transport and shipping company was based on Dravian Starport.

originally established by the Ku'rys clan, this was one of the smaller underground cities found on the planet Ryloth. The residents of Joreikna maintained a bitter rivalry with the inhabitants of nearby Lohema. The Joreikna mines were located near those of Lohema, but the clan production was much less than that of their rivals.

Jump Freighter
a Calamari transport ship.

Kallea, Freia
one of the first female starpilots to map out parts of the galaxy, Freia was the trailblazer who charted the Hydian Way. A native of the planet Brentaal, she became a symbol of the planet's cultural strength and endurance. After retiring from the life of a spacer, she married into a minor Brentaal family and helped grow it into a major trading enterprise.

this was one of the Alliance's Dreadnaught warships, active during the height of the Galactic Civil War.

Crix Madine's former fiancee, Karreio was a supporter of the New Order, but she was oblivious to the Empire's atrocities. She died on Coruscant when the New Republic first reclaimed the planet from the Empire.

Kazellis Light Freighter
developed by Kazellis Corporation, this transport ship measured 28 meters in length, and was armed with a turret-mounted quad laser cannon. The ship found a following among the spacers who plied the Rimma Trade Route, and Kazellis expanded its operations to meet the demand. The light freighter design required a pilot and gunner to operate, and could transport up to eight passengers and 100 metric tons of cargo. Its semi-circular design gave it an organic look and feel, making it visually different than most other transports available during the early years of the New Order.

this constellation, visible from the planet Coyn, contained the star Kuras. It was named by the ancient Coynites, who called it the "Predator Beast of the Dusk."

this woman was a Jedi Master during the years following the Great Sith War. She had an uncanny knack for tapping into the Force, and could teach students new ways to communicate with the Force. Although she was loyal to the Jedi Order, Kreia wielded a double-bladed lightsaber, which employed green crystals. About five years after the defeat of Darth Malak, Kreia discovered The Exile onboard the damaged starship Ebon Hawk and brought it to Peragus II. After making sure that The Exile was able to escape, Kreia found herself confronting Darth Sion, in order to ensure The Exile's escape. She barely managed to survive the encounter, in which she lost the use of one hand, and made her way back to the Ebon Hawk just as The Exile and Atton Rand were blasting off. She kept to herself during the initial part of their flight, nursing the stump where her hand used to be, until The Exile questioned her about a blinding pain in his hand. Kreia realized that a Force Chain had formed between them, although the reason for the link was unclear. Kreia was also surprised to find that The Exile's connection to the Force had begun to return, and vowed to train him in order to help restore the Jedi Order. It was during this training that Kreia revealed she was one of the many Jedi who abandoned the Order to confront the growing power of the Sith, in the wake of the destruction of the Star Forge. She also revealed that she had been Revan's teacher, both during his early training and again after he returned to the Light Side of the Force. However, after The Exile managed to regroup the surviving Jedi Masters on Dantooine, Kreia revealed that she had fallen to the Dark Side of the Force. Having re-taken the title of Darth Traya, she fled to Telos with Atris and set out to destroy the planet. In the wake of her death on Malachor V, the surviving Jedi were able to piece together enough of Kreia's history to realize that she had been behind a large number of defections - among them, Revan and The Exile - during the years following the Great Sith War. Because of this, she was exiled by the Jedi Order. In her guilt, Kreia chose to abandon the Jedi and seek out Revan on Malachor V. It was there that she began her training at the Trayus Academy, and led to her ultimate fall to the Dark Side and her transformation to Darth Traya.

this man was a loyal Imperial officer, and served as a tactical advisor aboard the first Death Star. Kreigg had earlier gained the favor of Grand Moff Tarkin by coming to Tarkin's aid during the Alliance's attempt to capture him.

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