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Cargo Empress-class Super Freighter
this large Ghtroc Industries bulk freighter had the distinctive swept-back look of the Class 720 freighter, but was 110 meters in length. It required a crew of four to operate, had space for up to eight passengers, and could transport up to 50,000 metric tons of cargo. The Cargo Empress had minimal shielding, and was unarmed. The ship never sold well, and contributed to the eventual bankruptcy of Ghtroc Industries. Leftover stock was sold at auctions, and many Cargo Empress-class ships ended up in pirate fleets.
(SWJ9, PP)

Class 580 Freighter
this light freighter was produced by Ghtroc Industries, and could transport up to six passengers and 200 metric tons of cargo. It measured 37 meters in length, required a single pilot, and was armed with a single laser cannon.

Class 720 Freighter
a tortoise-shaped transport ship manufactured by Ghtroc Industries, this 35-meter-long ship had a square central section. A forward cockpit stuck out from the front. Two forward loading platforms were located at the two front corners, while the ship's stardrive was located in the rear. It had space for a crew of 2, plus up to 10 passengers. It could transport 135 metric tons of cargo. The stock Ghtroc freighter was equipped with basic shielding and a single forward-mounted double laser cannon. Unlike most other freighters, the 720 did not improve or enlarge the abilities of its forerunner, the Class 580 freighter.

Class 729 Freighter
this was a model of light freighter produced by Ghtroc Industries. In most respects, the Class 729 was identical to the Class 720 freighter.

Class-I Freighter
this was another name for the LH-3210 freighter used by the Trade Federation.

Committee to Reinstate Justice
this was the name given to the political movement that rose up in the wake of the arrests of Eritha, Alani, and Balog. It was established to ensure that the list of Absolute supporters was properly handled, as well as to ensure that the election of a new planetary governor was performed legally and fairly.

Coruscant Freighter
this was another name for the AA-9 freighter.

Creip, Neb
this dark-skinned man was one of the many Senators who were part of the Galactic Senate during the final months of the Clone Wars.

this was one of the more powerful tribes of Eickarie found on the planet Kariek, more than 400 years before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. The tribe's leader tried to retain his ancestral lands when two other tribes allied against the Cro-sall-trei, but his people were no match for the combined forces arrayed against them. The tribal leader ordered a retreat from their fortress, but his people were trapped beneath the ground when the enemy tribes sealed off the third watchtower the Cro-sal-trei used as an escape route. The Cro-sal-trei died in the tunnels, and their tribe vanished from Kariek's history. In spite of their easy victory, the two victorious tribes were themselves defeated in battle less than a year afterward. Centuries later, the Warlord would take control of the Cro-sal-trei fortress, unaware that the tunnels beneath the third watchtower were accessible to outsiders.

Deepwater-class Light Freighter
this was a Mon Calamari transport ship design, which predated the standard Mon Calamari light freighter and was one of the first commercially-available Mon Calamari designs. It was designed for use by the Mon Calamari Commercial Expeditionary Service, and some 10,000 of the DeepWater freighters were produced. However, the Empire quickly dissolved the Expeditionary Service, and the DeepWater freighters were auctioned off to private parties. Like all Mon Calamari designs, each DeepWater freighter is slightly different. One unique feature of this freighter was that it was submersible, and could travel to a depth of a kilometer with some adjustments to its shielding configuration. The DeepWater-class freighter measured 45 meters in length, and was controlled by a pilot and co-pilot. It could transport up to six passengers and 85 metric tons of cargo, and was armed with a single laser turret in its stock configuration.

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