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Tramp Freighter
any small, independently-owned cargo ship.

Tramp Freighter
this was one of the many stores which could be found at the Grand Colonnade, on Brentaal, during the height of the New Order. All many of trinkets from a variety of Core World planets could be found there.

this independent spacer modified a WED-15-D3 droid, giving it six additional manipulator arms and installing a repair database in its computer memory. The result was a droid which could diagnose fix almost any problem in minimal time.

Treidum, Pol
this Imperial officer served during the occupation of Ralltiir, and developed a great fear of the Alliance planting spies in Imperial positions. Treidum served as a gantry officer on the first Death Star, maintaining the security of the docking bay which held the Millennium Falcon. Treidum reached the rank of Lieutenant shortly before being assigned to the Death Star. He was knocked unconscious when Chewbacca entered his control room.

Treidum, Rolf
this Imperial Navy Captain served under the command of Moff Sarne in the Kathol Outback. Sarne's orders were to delay the progress of the FarStar without destroying it, while turning the peoples of the various settlements against the New Republic. Treidum's history with Sarne began in the last years of the New Order, when both were stationed in the Deep Core. A no-nonsense officer, Treidum continued to work for Sarne after the Battle of Endor, where his only died fighting against the Alliance. Treidum captained the corvette Lialic II, which he renamed the Lance of Endor in order to raid Kathol Outback planets under the disguise of a New Republic starship. Treidum managed to convince several Outback worlds that he was, indeed, representing the New Republic, and thereby hindered the work of the FarStar. However, many planets saw through the ruse after meeting with the FarStar's captain and crew. Treidum was killed, and his ship destroyed, when he attempted to capture the FarStar at Danoor. The crew of the FarStar had enlisted the aid of Makezh, who called the Aing-Tii monks to help rid the system of the Imperials. The monk's Sanhedrim ship arrived just after Treidum launched a devastator missile at Danoor, and they rammed the Lialic II and the Imperial-class Star Destroyer that accompanied it. Both ships, and all hands, were lost.

this man, a native of the planet Kabaira, was a friend of Del Hunter.

Treitamma Political Center
located on the planet Anchoron, this convention center was to be the site of Garm Bel Iblis' first major speech against the growing powers of Emperor Palpatine. However, Armand Isard got wind of the speech, and planned to assassinate Bel Iblis. Isard arranged for a number of bombs to be placed in the Political Center, set to explode at the start of Bel Iblis' speech. However, Bel Iblis was detained by the agent Aach, and was outside the building when it exploded. Unfortunately, Bel Iblis' entire family was inside, and they all perished.

Tsukkian Water Freighter
this kind of starship was designed to carry huge cargoes of water to desert planets and other water-starved worlds, for purposes of terra-forming and in times of drought. During the height of the New Order, these ships were considered clunky and out-of-date, but nonetheless found usage among mercenary and pirate fleets because of their durability.

Uthori Breix
this creature was native to the planet Pellastrallas.

Venturer-class Freighter
this freighter design was developed and manufactured by Ckratar Crafts.

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