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Epoch-class Freighter
this was a freighter produced by Shobquix Yards during the last years of the Old Republic. It measured 23 meters in length, and was armed with a single laser cannon. It required a single pilot to operate, and could carry up to seven passengers and 200 metric tons of cargo.

Faleur, Reina
this woman was a member of the New Republic's Supply and Ordnance division, and held the rank of Lieutenant shortly after the Battle of Endor. Tycho Celchu tried to fix Wedge Antilles up on a date with her, during a stop-over after Rogue Squadron returned from Eiattu. She agreed to the date, and had to fight off the attentions of Wes Janson while exercising.

Farbreini MicroElectronics Limited
based on the planet Coruscant, this jeweler produced a variety of showy pins and brooches which employed micro-electronics and light-emitting matrices, during the height of the New Order.

this was the generic term used to describe any small, fast transport ship.

Foreign Intruder Defense Organism
FIDO for short, this was a defensive system set up by Luke Skywalker and Admiral Ackbar on Anoth, to protect the infant children of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo. It is a multi-tentacled cyborg beast with plasteel claws, modeled after Calamarian krakana. The FIDO had twenty-six individual claws, each connected to the central body by a 100-meter-long flexisteel cable. The entire unit measured eight meters across, and was equipped with a variety of sensor and detection systems. This was a reference to the Star Wars Echo on FIDONet by Kevin Anderson.

this was spacer's slang for any transport ship or freighter which was independently owned and operated.

Freight Droid
any huge droid used to load and unload cargo ships. These massive machines are equipped with motorized treads for locomotion, and have large claws and mandibles for manipulating large cargo bins. They also can have gravity-shift frames, to help them maneuver awkward bundles.

an large ship used to carry heavy cargo from one location to another. These ships, about 100 meters in length, employ two trapezoidal cargo pods connected to a central drive and cockpit. Rated at 16 MGLT, most freighters are unarmed, but are often well-shielded (120 SBD, with 30 RU hulls).

Freighter Bum
this was a common slang term for any cargo pilot or spacer. It was adopted by the Corporate Sector Authority as a definition for any independent starship owner who was not directly under the CSA's employment, since they were considered "feckless ruffians" who lacked any sort of adminstrative control as part of public service message #122267-50.

Frein, Jodar
this Alliance Lieutenant was placed in command of Sandwind Team shortly after the Battle of Hoth.

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