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produced by Merr-Sonn Munitions, the J1 was a holdout blaster known to many as the Happy Surprise. The weapon's name is Rodian was Kheth-saw, and it was named for the weapon's unusual configuration, which made it incredibly easy to hide. Unlike most blaster weapons which had a hand grip and a trigger, the J1 fit entirely within the palm of the hand. The barrel stuck out from between the second and third fingers, making it easy to carry in a clenched hand without arousing suspicion. The trigger was mounted at the top of the weapon, and was depressed with the thumb. (AEG)

the Old Republic's original designation of the Tatoo System. (GG7)

J12 Twin-Pod Airspeeder
this unusual airspeeder was popular during the last decades of the Old Republic, especially on the planet Coruscant. The two egg-shaped passenger pods were connected to the main body of the speeder by a flatten engine section. (NEGV)

see G1M (PTR)

this was the Imperial designation of the Paradise System. (SH)

this was the communications frequency used by the traffic controllers of the planet Merisee to provide instructions to incoming ships. (PG3)

this laser cannon was produced by Bovin during the early years of the New Republic. The J-3F was the primary weapon on the FreiTek Gladiator Assault Fighter. (SWI80)

a bronze protocol droid owned by Premier Provisions. (SN)

this communications frequency was used by the traffic controllers of the planet Merisee, for those incoming starships which required emergency services. (PG3)

the Novaldex Event Horizon Engines used on RZ-1 A-Wing starfighters. It is rated at 400 KTU. (SCRE, XW)

J8Q-128 Finbat
this anti-vehicle concussion missile was produced by Kessler during the New Order, and was designed to penetrate the thick armor plating of an Imperial AT-AT walker. (GUN, SWJ3)

J930 Dash-8
this was a model of podracer manufactured by JAK Racing. It was noted for its long, sloped engines, which utilized the Split-X technology found in Collor Pondrat engines. The cockpit of the J930 measured 3.05 meters in length, and the engines measured 9.55 meters in length. They could propel the racer at speeds approaching 785 kilometers per hour. (IG1)

this Roche worker drone ran the Mos Eisley Spaceport control tower. Programmed with a feminine personality, she had been pased from owner to owner before she ended up in Mos Eisley. (GG7)

this Roche worker drone was working for the local government in Mos Eisley during the Galactic Civil War. (GG7)

this protocol droid was the informal ambassador of the Soco-Jarel Spaceport during the height of the New Order. Stationed within the Boliscon Towers, J-9 met with visiting VIPs and served the refreshments while they waited for their hosts to collect them. Plated with glossy-black armor, J-9 was easily distinguished from other droids in the spaceport. J-9SB also served as an undercover watchdog, continually searching for plain-clothed Imperial customs officers or police. If J-9 suspected a person of being an Imperial law enforcement agent, it immediately contacted Aquato Boliscon to report their arrival. (BSS)

J9-series Droid
manufactured by Roche Industries, these information and protocol droids were humanoid, insectile automata with teardrop-shaped heads and skeletal bodies. They rivaled the 3PO series in their ability to process information, being equipped with TranLang II communications modules and Arjan II central processors. However, their mechanical appearance and "worker drone" monicker made them unattractive to most races of the galaxy, and the J9-series never became a commercial success. Nonetheless, J9's were extremely sophisticated, and many were reprogrammed to perform a variety of duties. (GG7, TME, FTD)

this was an area of highlands found on the planet Eriadu. (GORW)

Ja Field Septoid
this hardy insect was native to the Ja highlands of the planet Eriadu, where it managed to survive every attempt by the human population of the planet to eradicate it. The field septoid was a predatory insect known for its ability to hunt down its prey, although it was not an aggressive insect by nature. It moved about on seven legs that surrounded its main body, from which sprouted its small head and three eyestalks. Thus, the field septoid had no true "head" or "tail." It used a pair of fangs to puncture the skin or chitin of its prey, then fed on its blood until the prey died. The field septoid was not picky about its prey, and often killed livestock, earning it a designation as a pest. (GORW)

Ja Knoll
this was the highest of the hills that were found on the Ja highlands, which were located outside the city of Phelar, on the planet Eriadu. Ja Knoll was situated almost directly across from Phelar, separated by the Bay of Conquest. The bay was originally known as Ja-Phelar Bay, because of its location between Phelar and the Ja highlands. (GORW)

this ancient Sith phrase translated roughly into Basic as "I am free." (PH)

this man was an Imperial Moff during the height of the New Order. (SWJ8)

Jaan Bluum
this being was a well-known travel expert, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (WOTC)

this was a drink given to Wookiee children. It was fermented from alcoari milk and vineberry extract, and was very sweet to the taste. (RD)

this Wookiee was accused of the murder of Rorworr, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, when a Jedi Knight discovered Rorworr's body in the Shadowlands. However, it was later revealed that Rorworr had planned to sell the Wookiees into slavery to the Czerka Corporation. Rorworr had shared his plans with Jaarak, who opposed them. Rather than allow Rorworr to complete his plans, Jaarak killed him. Jaarak was taken to trial, but Worrrozner eventually allowed him to go free, when he learned of Rorworr's true plans. (KOTOR)

Jaaruls Street
this was one the many thoroughfares located in the city of Cuipernam, on the planet Ansion. (APS)

Jaastal Rasheer
this was the name of a noted Ranth individual, distinguished in the history of the planet Caaraz. (UANT)

this was the alias assumed by Aayla Secura, during her search for Quinlan Vos, just after the onset of the Clone Wars. Jaayza was a mechanic who was donw on her luck, and had traveled to The Wheel in search of a new job and a new life. (RS)

this was one of the many Twi'leki clans which were native to the planet Ryloth. In the Twi'leki language, the clan's name meant "gemlike". (GCG)

Jabba Desilijic Tiure
one of the galaxy's most infamous crimelords, Jabba was a slug-like Hutt. He was sired by Zorba the Hutt on the planet Nal Hutta, about 600 years before he set up shop on Tatooine. Like most Hutts, Jabba had a huge, bloated body which must be moved on repulsorlift devices. This made Jabba appear immobile and defenseless, but he was also highly resourceful and cunning. During his early years as a thief and smuggler, Jabba worked with Ephant Mon, and once saved Ephant's life during an Imperial raid. When his father was imprisoned for improper business conduct, Jabba became the heir apparent to the Desilijic leader, Jiliac. They worked trielessly to expand Desilijic's horizon, but Jiliac's untimely pregnancy stalled Jabba's ambitions. When Durga the Hutt challenged Jiliac to combat under the Old Law, Jabba used the opportunity to assassinate Jiliac's offspring just as the old Hutt was killed by Durga. Jabba the assumed control of Desilijic. At the height of the New Order, Jabba had become the Outer Rim's most notorious crime lords, controlling most of the smuggling, spice shipments, loan sharking, and murders in that territory. He was a major player in the illegal movement of glitterstim spice, and was constantly in powerplays with Moruth Doole over command of the market. During the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo, Jabba was one of many entitied that funded the arming of the Trade Federation's droid armies. Jabba had a working relationship with Han Solo, which centered around the delivery of smuggled spice from Kessel. When Han had to dump a shipment and escape from the Imperials, he could not repay Jabba, and so Jabba placed a death mark on Solo's head. Jabba employed his own set of bounty hunters to find Solo, thus keeping most of the reward money in-house. It was also during this time that Jabba funded Bria Tharen's raids on Ylesia, in an effort to eliminate the Besadii kajidic's spice factories there. When Boba Fett returned Solo to Jabba, in a block of frozen carbonite, Jabba was ecstatic, and had the frozen Solo hung as a wall decoration. This capture of Solo led to a reprisal from Solo's new-found friends on the Alliance, and Jabba was killed when he tried to have Solo and Luke Skywalker put to death in the belly of the Sarlacc which resided in the Great Pit of Carkoon. Luke used the Force and a little luck to rescue Han, while Princess Leia strangled Jabba with the chain he kept linked around her neck. Following Jabba's demise, no one could find his will, and his palace was left empty. It was overrun with Ranats, until Zorba the Hutt returned to take ownership of it and Jabba's other possessions. At his largest, Jabba measured 3.9 meters in length. Jabba was voiced by Larry Ward in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. (SW, ROTJ, ZHR, EGC, GG7, TPS, THG, RD, SWI62, NEGC)

Jabba the Hut
In the Marvel comics adaptation of Star Wars: A New Hope, Jabba resembles an Imzig or Nimbanel humanoid. Note that the word 'Hut' was spelled with just one T, making it more of a title than a description of his race. After his ship, the Voidraker, was disabled by stone mites near Orleon, Jabba had to flee into the vacuum of space in an spacesuit. In order to survive, he was allowed to come aboard the Millennium Falcon by Han Solo, on the condition that Jabba cleared Solo's debt and paid extra for the rescue in the process. Jabba agreed, but his mind was already working on a way to make the situation work to his favor. Note that this event was proven apocryphal with the release of Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi., although it was entirely possible that Jabba reneged on the deal as soon as he was safe. (MC8, LTA2, MC28)

Jabba's Palace
this was the common name given to the complex of buildings and subterranean rooms that was controlled by Jabba the Hutt. It was located in the Northern Dune Sea, on the planet Tatooine, and was situated at the end of a secluded valley. The original palace was erected by the B'omarr Monks, who built it as a peaceful sanctuary from which they could contemplate the universe. The monks built the two main aboveground structures: a nine-story tower that contained a circular stairway, and the main rotunda. The tower's stairway provided a great deal of space for the monks to wander, as they could move up and down the stairs for hours, in contemplation of the universe. The rotunda was was originally constructed as a place of worship, where the disembodied brains of enlightened monks reposed in tiers around the outer edge. Prayer banners hung from the ceiling, and the eerie silence of the brain canisters lent the rotunda a sinister feeling. A ceremonial concourse was created around the rotunda, which provided additional space for the monks to roam. It was rumored that a chamber was located deep under the ground, in which the B'omarr monks kept a collection of "regeneration gems", but the chamber was never found. For thirty-four years before Jabba took control of the palace, it was taken over by the bandit Alkhara, who renovated it to serve as the base of operations for his raiders. During Alkhara's stay, the monks were forced to retreat to the deepest levels of the palace. Jabba ousted Alkhara, and allowed the monks to roam the entire complex with freedom, as Jabba preferred the lower levels where he felt safer. It was believed that the Hutt urenovated a former B'omarr chapel to serve as his throne room. Jabba reinforced the dome of the rotunda with ditanium, and installed shielding to protect from orbital or suborbital assault. In the upper stories of the tower, Jabba installed a hyperwave transceiver and a holographic map of the galaxy, using the tower as his primary communications facility. Much of the renovations done by Jabba were performed at the direction of Derren Flet, and the palace's external structures were so large that they were visible from orbit. (IWST)

Jabba's Palace Sabacc
this variant was reportedly created by the Hutt himself, and it was used to win the servitude of a great many beings. (CCG7)

Jabba's Throne Room
this club bar, found in The Revels district of the city of Talos, was a wondrous recreation of Jabba the Hutt's Tatooine palace throne room. It contained holographic and live-action recreations of many of Jabba retainers, including Bib Fortuna, Oola, Gamorreans, and the Max Rebo Band. (SOL)

Jabdo Garrink
this Rodian worked in Jugsmuk Station, on Gamorr, selling specialty items smuggled onto the planet. Callista Ming discovered that Jabdo had sold a homunculus-wasp to Rog and Gundruk, unaware that they were going to use it to murder Vrokk. (SWJ14)

Jabidus Inspra
this Jedi Master accompanied Ashka Boda on a trip to the Gree Enclave, just before the onset of the Clone Wars, in an effort to gather information about the possible sighting of Count Dooku in the mysterious sector. (HNN5)

this planet was once the site of an Old Republic military base, which was later used as a staging area during the height of the Clone Wars. Once war broke out between the Republic and the Separatists, the government of Jabiim decided to ally themselves with the Separatists, and forced the Republic to abandon its base. The native Jabiimites were believed to have been supplied weapons, supplies, and funding by the Separatists, in preparation for going to war against the forces of the Republic. Many in the Republic feared that Jabiim had been bought by the Separatists, who had been working with a select few Jabiimites to take control of the planet. Thus, the Republic decided to go to war in order to liberate the planet. The surface of Jabiim was continually deluged by storms, turning much of its marshy surface to muddy swamps. This made ground battles extremely difficult. In the wake of the Clone Wars and the institution of the New Order, Jabiim was subjugated by the Empire and extensively mined for its natural resources. Years of environmental abuse turned the planet into a barren wasteland, and the locals struggled under the oppression of the Imperial yoke. Nolan Gillmunn decided to ally his band of rebels with the Alliance, until he learned that one of the Alliance representatives was Luke Skywalker, the son of Anakin Skywalker, who the Jabiimites felt betrayed them by abandoning the planet to the Separatists. (SWI68, RBJ, SWESF)

Jabiim Congress
this was the primary governmental body found on the planet Jabiim, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Long a supporter of the Republic, the Jabiim Congress became splintered after the Clone Wars were resolved neither peacefully nor quickly. (SWI68, RBJ)

see Jabiimite (SWESF)

see Jabiimite. (RBJ)

this was the human race which was native to the planet Jabiim. During the Clone Wars, the Jabiimite leaders sided with the Separatists, despite the fact that there had been an Old Republic military base on the planet for years. When the Old Republic sent a force to liberate the planet, many Jedi Masters were killed in battle, forcing Anakin Skywalker and a group of Padawans to carry on the battle. Ultimately, the Separatist force proved too strong, and Skywalker was force to order a complete retreat. Despite the fact that they had allied themselves with the Separatists, the Jabiimites believed that the Republic had abandoned them, especially after the Separatist forces there were soon replaced with Imperial forces that virtually enslaved the population. For nearly twenty-one years, the Jabiimites were left to fend for themselves, held in thrall by the Imperial agents sent to oversee the planet. Some eight months after the Battle of Yavin, their enslavement was to have been permanent when Darth Vader arrived to ship a large percentage of the population offworld as slaves. The Jabiimi people were saved when Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa arrived on the planet, and helped the Jabiimites overthrow Governor Thorne Kraym. Although large portions of Jabiim's surfaces were bombarded with turbolaser fire, the planet was abandoned by the Empire, and the Jabiimites were freed. (SWI68, SWI69, SWESF)

this young Ferroan girl was the granddaughter of the original Magister of Zonama Sekot, and greeted Anakin Skywalker when he and Obi-Wan Kenobi traveled to the planet to investigate the disappearance of Vergere. Her grandfather had created a number of holograms of her to keep him company in the Far Distance compound, while she was in Middle Distance attending school. To avoid confusion, the Magister named the holograms Wind. Jabitha was on Zonama Sekot when the planet disappeared into hyperspace, in order to avoid capture at the hands of Wilhuff Tarkin. Anakin never saw her again, but Jabitha grew up to become the Magister of Zonama Sekot. When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Zonama Sekot hid itself within the Unknown Regions, and the Ferroans became isolated. Jabitha retained the memory of the Jedi, and when Luke Skywalker arrived on Zonama Sekot to ask for the planet' help, Jabitha was initially agreeable to mediate an exchange. Sekot, however, still needed proof of the true nature behind Master Skywalker's request. Sekot used Senshi and his followers to kidnap Jabitha, along with Danni Quee, Jacen Solo, and Saba Sebatyne. When the Jedi had proven that they were indeed searching for a peaceful resolution to the conflict with the Yuuzhan Vong, Jabitha was released and was able to return to her work for a short time. When Nom Anor tried to sabotage the planet's hyperdrive vanes in an effort to destroy it, Zonama Sekot was forced to make a blind jump into hyperspace. The resulting jump brought them close to several stars and planets, causing massive amonts of ecological damage to Zonama itself. Jabitha found herself at the mercy of the planet, traveling to remote locations at the whim of Sekot to help maintain the ecosystem. (RP, FH3, UF)

this was the name given by Anakin Skywalker to the huge Sekotan starship he purchased with Obi-Wan Kenobi, during their search for Vergere. They agreed to purchase the ship in order to get close to the people of Zonama Sekot and learn what happened to Vergere. Their ship was formed from fifteen seed-partners, all of which bonded to Anakin before survived the forging and annealing process before being shaped into a twenty-five-meter long craft which also had a wingspan of thirty meters. Because of the bonding with Anakin, the Jabitha was capable of incredible maneuvers while he was piloting the craft. A pair of heavily-modified Silver-class engines were mated to the organic ship to provide propulsion and approximate a Class 0.4 hyperdrive, and a shield system was added to make up for the fact that the ship lacked any form of weaponry. With this configuration, and with Anakin as its pilot, the Jabitha could attain speeds of 13,000 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. Unfortunately, Zonama Sekot came under attack by Wilhuff Tarkin at the time the Jabitha was shaped, and Anakin and Obi-Wan were unable to fully integrate themelves with the ship. The Jabitha fell sick, and when Zonama Sekot disappeared into hyperspace to escape Tarkin's assault, the Jabitha died on the planet Seline. (RP, WOTC, NEGV)

this large, slow-moving herbivore is native to the planet Naboo. It is a calm-natured beast, and is often domesticated by the Gungans for use as a mount. Its skin is also prized by artisans and collectors, for it is used to make beautiful leather book covers. (GF)

this man worked with Dereth to con wealthy beings out of their fortunes in card games like Helcos. Both Jabot and Dereth had Traxes BioElectronics implant communicators placed in their skulls, allowing them to transmit and receive each other's thoughts. Using the implant communicators, Dereth hid behind a screen and monitored Jabot's opponents, silently sending information on the cards the opponent held and their actions during the card game. Note that the Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology indicates that this man's name was Jaboth. (GFT, EGW)

this small corporation produced a variety of tools and accessories for installation on droids. (FTD)

Jabrogg Thung
this Gamorrean male was considered a criminal by the Galactic Humane Society for his cruelty to nerfs, during the years following the Battle of Naboo, after he mortally wounded several nerfs during a nerf-throwing competition. He was eventually captured for the bounty on his head by Jango Fett, who encountered Thung on the Outland Transit Station. (BH)

Jacc Maldelbrot
one-time owner of the Royal Casino on Cloud City, Jacc began his career as a textile worker in the Kathol Sector. (GG2)

this young Wookiee was a native of the Wawaatt Archipelago, on his homeworld of Kashyyyk, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. When the fighting broke out across the galaxy, Jaccoba was ready to take the test that would elevate him to adulthood. While hunting with his father, Tarkov, Jaccoba's spear hit the outer shell of a Trade Federation MTT. This led Tarkov to realize that the Separatists had already landed on Kashyyyk, and were preparing to launch their invasion. He and Jaccoba rushed to the nearest city, Kahiyuk, to warn the leaders of the impending attack. It was this warning that helped the Wookiees begin their defense of their homeworld. Tarkov and Jaccoba both enlisted in the military, fighting against battle droids to defend their home. (SWDB, CWC3)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

this man served the Alliance as a starfighter technician, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (LTA3, MC51)

Jace, Bror
Bror was a member of X-Wing Rogue Squadron. He was a native of the planet Thyferra, and a veteran of the Battle of Hoth, Endor, and Bakura. He was a member of the Zaltin faction of bacta producers, as a way to balance the inclusion of Erisi Dlarit to the Squadron. It was the belief of the Zaltin faction that the Empire was doomed, and that an alliance with the New Republic through Jace would be profitable. Jace was part of the mission which was sent to Noquivzor, but was ambushed by the Black Asp. His body was never recovered, and Jace was listed as missing in action. It was believed that Tycho Celchu had leaked the mission's plans to the Imperials, but it was later revealed that Celchu was not the traitor. Jace himself later reappeared, and explained that the Vratix of the Ashern faction had recalled him to help plan the overthrow of Xucphra's pro-Imperial Bacta Cartel. He assisted the Rogues in the planning for the Battle of Thyferra, and was invaluable to the infiltration unit led by Elscol Loro and Sixtus Quin. After the Rogues defeated Ysanne Isard and removed the Imperial yoke from Thyferra, Jace was appointed to create the Thfyerran Aerospace Defense Force. (XWN, WG, KT, BW)

this was the capital city of the planet Sirdar. (COG)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this was one of the most common names given to male Corellians. (GMR9)

this was once of the many names given to Duros females. The exact meaning of this name was lost over time, but many believed it referred to an extinct species of flower. (GCG)

this is a wild bird native to the plane Utharis. It lives in abandoned buildings. (TT)

an Alliance shuttle group destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this doglike creature was native to Douglas III. (LCM)

Jackhack Slough
this dried-up, ancient riverbed was located on the Jasserak Lowlands of the planet Drongar. (MBS)

this modified YT-700 transport craft was designed to serve as a prospecting ship by the Alliance. Cargo space and passenger cabins were reduced to include a Gavvatronics S-87 sensor suite, and the ship had a variety of owners before the Alliance took possession of the ship. It was capable of carrying three passengers and 50 metric tons of cargo, and was armed with a turret-mounted laser cannon. (SWJ5)

a moisture farming family on Tatooine. They were friends with Ariq Joanson, and agreeing with his ideals. (TME)

this was a Rodian swear word. (T6)

this was a small avian creature native to the planet Haruun Kal. An opportunistic scavenger, the jacuna traveled in bands of several dozen individuals, each of which was equally at home in the air, on the ground, or climbing through the trees. Despite their classification as scavengers, jacunas would eat just about anything, living or dead. (SHPT)

this was a common name given to male Duros children. The name Jad came from the term meaning "swift". (GCG)

Jad Jo
this name, which meant "athletic", was common among Gungan males. (GCG)

Jadai Motors
this small corporation produced a number of distinctive repulsorlift ground transports. (AIR)

this parasitic moss grows in the jungles of Kashyyyk. It grows in clumps of stringy tendrils which sprout from a tall mound-like stalk, making the plant look like a long-furred Wookiee. (TT)

this Alliance shuttle was dispatched to pick up the Bothan delegates aboard the Tal'cara, shortly before the Battle of Endor. (XWA)

Jade Moon
this is the name given to one of Loronar's largest satellites, which was the site of an Imperial special weapons platform manufacturing facility during the last years of the New Order. The facility was destroyed during the Galactic Civil War by Crix Madine and his Alliance commandos. (RSG, NEGC)

Jade Rose
a fancy flowering plant. (SE)

Jade Sabre
this custom-built and modified shuttle was designed by Luke Skywalker and given to his wife, Mara Jade, as a gift shortly after they were married. It had a shape like a pointed fish-head, with swept-back wings and flared side pods protecting its ion drives. Mara believed that Luke had the ship constructed to thank her for sacrificing the Jade's Fire on Nirauan. The Jade Sabre measured fifty meters in length, and required a pilot to operate. It could accommodate up to fifteen passengers and 100 metric tons of cargo, and was armed with four quad laser cannons and a tractor beam projector. Mara and Anakin Solo flew the ship to Dantooine, after the initial battle of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, so that Mara could get some rest. Unfortunately for all, the Vong were already on Dantooine, and they destroyed the Jade Sabre before Anakin and Mara could recover it. (VP, DTO, SOG)

Jade Shadow
this was the Horizon-class luxury yacht purchased by Lando Calrissian and presented to Mara Jade Skywalker as a gift. The ship had a number of significant modifications, including retractable AG-1G laser cannons, camouflaged torpedo launchers, and enhanced shielding systems obtained by Talon Karrde. The stock hyperdrive was replaced with a Class 0.5 unit, and its upgraded sublight drives allowed the ship to attain speeds of 1,000 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. The name Jade Shadow was coined by Tendra Risant, and denoted the ship's nonreflective gray hull. Lando had picked out the ship because of its aft cargo bay, which was wide enough to accommodate Luke Skywalker's X-Wing fighter. (BP, NJOSB)

Jade Simian
a seedy tavern located within the Snakes' Den, on the planet Camden. (CRO)

Jade Skywalker, Mara
a strikingly beautiful woman known for her flame-red hair and piercing green eyes, Mara Jade was hand-picked by Emperor Palpatine to become one of the Emperor's Hands. Little was known about her childhood and young adulthood, even by Mara herself. She remembered being taken from her parents by Palpatine, an event that her parents seemed to resent. Palpatine began to train her in the use of the Force, an education that allowed him to imprint himself on her mind, creating a Force bond between them that allowed him to communicate with Mara across vast distances. After her training was complete and she had matured into a strong-willed young woman, Mara was assigned a number of surveillance missions, often posing as one of the Emperor's dalliances in order to escape notice. As a member of Palpatine's closest followers, she gained a good deal of experience in the use of The Force. Her latent Force-sensitivity was heightened by the Emperor, enhancing her ability to contact him across vast distances via Force energy. These abilities later disappeared almost completely when the Emperor was killed. One of the last missions the Emperor assigned her to was the killing of Luke Skywalker. The Emperor claimed to have foreseen her involvement in Luke's death, and sent her to Tatooine following Darth Vader's failure to capture Luke at Cloud City. She infiltrated Jabba's palace as a dancing girl named Arica, but was not allowed onto Jabba's sailbarge when it left to sacrifice Luke and Han Solo to the Sarlacc. This unfortunate setback allowed her to continue in her efforts to kill Luke, but the death of the Emperor at Endor robbed her of her Force abilities and her main source of impetus. She went underground after Palpatine's death, since - as a secret agent for the Emperor - none of the surviving Imperials would ever believe she was more than a dancing girl. She performed a number of odd jons across the galaxy before she joined up with Talon Kaarde. She was working on Tropis at the time, and was employed by two safari hunters who turned out to be Talon Kaarde and Tapper Quelev. When Kaarde and Quelev got into trouble, Mara intervened and helped Kaarde escape. They then made proper introductions, and Mara asked for a job. She joined up just before he became involved with the New Republic, and was once again thrown into Luke's path. The Emperor's command to kill Luke resurfaced, but the events surrounding Grand Admiral Thrawn's plans for Luke and the New Republic kept getting in her way. She found herself helping Luke more often than not. When she and Luke were reunited in C'baoth's stronghold on Wayland, she fulfilled her "destiny" to kill Luke Skywalker, but not in the way she or the Emperor had forseen. When C'baoth sent a clone of Luke to battle the original Luke, Mara destroyed the clone. Following the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn Mara worked with the New Republic as a liaison between the Republic and the newly-formed Smugglers' Alliance. Following the death of the reborn Emperor on Byss, Mara continued to assist the Republic, but was increasingly pursued by Lando Calrissian, both on a business level and a personal level. She kept Lando at arm's-length from a personal standpoint, but joined in with him to restart the Spice Mines of Kessel as a legal source of glitterstim spice. They were also employed by Talon Karrde to search out the location of Jorj Car'das, a job which took them nearly six years to complete on the side. During the Caamas Incident, Mara took a group of Karrde's people to Nirauan, to search out the strange ships that attacked them in the Kauron asteroid field. She was stranded on the planet, and was eventually rescue by Luke. They realized that their relationship was now stronger than ever, especially after Mara bluntly showed Luke that his use of the Force needed to be minimized before he could fully understand it. Luke, in response, helped Mara realize her potential with the Force, unlocking it in time to use it to escape from the Chiss who controlled the Hand of Thrawn. During their escape, Luke asked Mara to marry him, a question to which she immediately agreed. After the resolution of the Caamas Incident, they were wed: once, in a solemn Jedi ceremony performed by Kam Solusar; and again in a public ceremony on Coruscant. Both agreed that they should travel the galaxy as Jedi instructors, leaving the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 to grow beyond Luke's vision. A few years later, Mara suddenly became ill. Through the sheer will of the Force, she remained active, but was unaware that her illness was actually engineered by Nom Anor, in an attempt to see just how powerful the Jedi Knights were. She resisted the disease he had created long after other victims were dead and buried. After the creature named Vergere escaped from the Millennium Falcon and her servitude to the Yuuzhan Vong priestess Elan, Han Solo returned to Coruscant with a sample of Vergere's tears. The creature claimed they could help heal Mara's disease, and Mara was more than willing to try. The initial stages of her recovery were somewhat painful, but whatever Vergere gave them drove off the disease. She hesitated to call herself cured, and retained a small portion of the tears for later use. Soon after the Battle of Fondor, Mara discovered two momentous things: first, that it was Nom Anor who had poisoned her on the planet Monor II; and second, that she was pregnant with Luke's son. She refused to stop fighting against the Yuuzhan Vong, but also realized that she could not longer be at the forefront of the fight. When the Senate ordered Luke's arrest, the couple set out for the Errant Venture, where Mara struggled with her pregnancy. It had been complicated by toxic shock syndrome, brought on by the use of Vergere's tears. With Luke's devotion to her and his connection with the Force, he drove out the Yuuzhan Vong disease and helped Mara give birth to a son, Ben. Luke and Mara spent less time with Ben than they had hoped to, when they were pressed into action defending the Eclipse base from invasion and, later, defending Coruscant. With the fall of Coruscant, Ben was separated from them, but was kept safe by Leia Organa Solo and her husband, Han. Mara and Luke then set out on a most dangerous mission: to locate the rogue planet Zonama Sekot. They were escorted by Arien Yage and the Widowmaker after lending assistance at the Battle of Bastion, and eventually located the mobile planet in the Klasse Ephemora System. Although the planet initially refused to help them, the actions of Luke and the Jedi Knights later convinced Sekot that they were searching for a peaceful resolution to the war against the Yuuzhan Vong. The planet then agreed to follow them back into the galaxy and assist them in any way possible. However, the treacherous actions of Nom Anot nearly destroyed the planet, which was forced to make a blind jump into hyperspace in order to avoid any disaster. Mara and the Jedi were forced to work with the Ferroans to survive the jumps, which caused tremendous damage to the planet's surface. However, Sekot finally decided to make jumps toward the known galaxy, and after speaking with the Jedi, it decided to jump into realspace near Coruscant. There, Mara and Luke were reunited with Han and Leia Solo, along with their daughter Jaina and several other members of the Jedi Order. Luke's input helped shape the Galactic Alliance's final assault on Coruscant, and Mara accompanied her husband to the planet's surface. There, the Jedi set out to locate Supreme Overlord Shimrra and put an end to the war. When Mara encountered Nom Anor in the streets, leading a revolution of Shamed Ones, she set out to bring him to justice. He begged for mercy, claiming that he knew of the poisoned coralskipper Shimrra was planning to send to Zonama Sekot. She spared his life, demanding that he lead them to Shimrra. Ultimately, Luke, Jaina, and Jacen were able to reach the Citadel ahead of them, and Mara arrived to find that Luke had been badly injured by the Scepter of Power. She and Kenth Hamner managed to drag Luke free of the Citadel before Onimi was able to launch its escape pod, and Luke went into a deep Force trance to try and heal himself. (HTTE, DFR, TLC, COTF, EGC, IJ, SOP, VOF, VP, SWI57, HT, BP, U, EVR, SBS, FH2, FH3, FP, UF)

Jaded Jawa
this bar was located in the main terminal of the Kothlis Starport. One of its key features was a long, one-way pane of transparisteel that lined the outer wall, allowing patrons to see what was going on outside the bar but preventing beings from seeing inside. This made it the perfect location to spy on someone. At the height of the New Order, the Jaded Jawa was owned and operated by Dakkar. (SPG)

Jade's Fire
this starship was given to Mara Jade by her former employer, Talon Kaarde, in the years following the financial loss of the Kessel Spice Mines. Originally owned by a wealthy industrialist, Karrde demanded the ship as payment for Mara's rescue of his daughter. The Jade's Fire boasted some impressive scanners and sensors often unavailable to non-military starships. The ship was a SoroSuub Luxury 3000 yacht, slightly larger than a YT-1300, with a truncated nose, wide fuselage, two elliptical wings, and an orange and red flame pattern painted on its hull. Among its components are a shootback system that automatically returns incoming fire and a slave-circuit control. It also had three quad turbolasers and a tractor beam projector. Because of Mara's introverted nature, the Jade's Fire was the one thing she cared about the most. That was why Luke Skywalker was reluctant to take it to Nirauan in search of Mara, but he recognized the necessity to do so. They had planned to use the ship to escape the planet, but Mara realized that the only way to stop Voss Parck and Soontir Fel from contacting Bastion was to eliminate their fleet. She used her beckon call to remotely pilot the Jade's Fire on a collision course with the hangar facility of the Hand of Thrawn complex, destroying the hangar and most of the ships within. (AC, AS, VOF, CTD, NEGC)

Jade's Sting
one of the names Mara Jade considered for her starship, before settling on the Jade's Fire. (TFNR)

Jade's Whip
one of the names Mara Jade considered for her starship, before settling on the Jade's Fire. (TFNR)

Jadthu-class Landing Craft
this landing craft was developed for use by the Army of the Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars. Manufactured by Incom Industries, the Jadthu-class lander was a modified shuttle that had been refitted for delivering troops instead of civilians. (SWDB, SHPT)

Jae Juun
this Sullustan was an independent spacer and part-time smuggler who worked from a base on Regel Eight during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Juun and his partner, the Ewok named Tarfang, worked out of Juun's starship, the XR808g for many years, before being drawn to the Unknown Regions and going to work for the Colony. When Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo, arrived in search of their twins, Jaina and Jacen, Jae Juun reluctantly agreed to help them get to Yoggoy. Although not fully a Joiner, Jae understood that the Colony - and UnuThul in particular - did not want the Solos to locate their children, out of fear that they might interfere with the struggle against the Chiss. Jae Juun, however, accepted at face value the Solos' offer of assistance. Although he was dismayed to learn that the Solos were trying to remove their children and the other Jedi from the hive, he realized that he was not ready to become a Joiner. Thus, he worked to earn Han's trust, drawing on his knowledge of the history of the Galactic Civil War to try and anticipate his actions. Jae Juun discovered that much of Han's skill was based on spur-of-the-moment decisions, which was hard to fathom but easy to acknowledge. During the height of the so-called Qoribu Crisis, Jae Juun found himself working with the Solos to try and avoid all-out warfare between the Chiss and the Colony. He was forced to sacrifice the XR808g on a mission to infitrate the Colony's hives in the Qoribu moons, and later joined Han as part-time co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon. When the Colony was relocated to the Utegetu Nebula, Han arranged for Jae Juun to purchase a new transport vessel from Lando Calrissian, and convinced Lando to give them a lucrative transport contract. The Sullustan found the new vessel - a Mon Calamarian Sailfish model - too expensive to operate, and traded it in on the Ronto-class transport designated DR919a. He also declined to renew his contract with Lando, and instead went to work for Second Mistake Enterprises. In this new capacity, Jae Juun and Tarfang inadvertently provided shipments of spinglass sculptures containing Gorog assassin bugs to the Galactic Alliance's Fifth Fleet, which was blockading the Utegetu Nebula. In an effort to atone for this, they allowed Solo and Luke Skywalker to commandeer the DR919a and attack the Gorog nest ship hidden within the Utegetu Nebula. The DR919a was badly damaged in the attack, and Jae Juun did all he could to control its crash-landing on the hull of the Gorog nest ship. Jae Juun and Tarfang fought valiantly alongside Solo and Skywalker, and managed to disable the vessel before it could escape. In the aftermath of the blockade, Jae Juun and Tarfang found themselves being approached by Admiral Nek Bwua'tu, who offered them positions as intelligence agents. Bwua'tu knew that their knowledge of the Colony, as well as their contacts at Second Mistake Enterprises, put them in a position to gather information about the Killiks. Jae Juun and Tarfang heartily agreed to the offer. (DN1, DN2)

this Imperial Admiral was in command of the small fleet which protected the shipyards of Corellia during the Galactic Civil War. He was replaced by Admiral Roek shortly after the Battle of Endor (SWJ2)

this was the sixth of seven seasons experienced on the planet Guiteica. (AE)

Jael City
this is one of four major cities on the planet Kirima, and is located on the western part of the planet western continent. (TSK)

Jael Ganton Farvash
this Bitthaevrian Major was one of the only recorded traitors to the m'Yalfor'ac Order. He made a bid for control of the Order by attempting to assassinate Quaal Tavier Catharius, but the initial attempt failed. Ganton was sentenced to be executed, but he invoked his personal right to challenge his accuser, Tavier, in direct combat. Ganton knew that Tavier was seriously injured, and hoped to at least demean Tavier if he refused. Tavier, however, accepted, and chose Aul Tarrus Vishav as his Guardian. Ganton, however, had planned to win the fight, and brought three of his own Guardians to the challenge. Ganton had made sure that the Succession Judge was a personal friend, which allowed him to bring in his three Guardians despite Tarrus' protests. In an amazing upset, though, Tarrus defeated the other three Guardians while Tavier managed to kill Ganton in comabt. To ensure that there would be no further treachery, Tarrus also executed the Succession Judge. (AIR)

this primary world in the Jaemus System was located within the Velcar Free Commerce Zone, in the Pentastar Alignment. The Empire used the Galentro Heavy Works shipyards to subcontract out the work of Kuat Drive Yards and Seinar Fleet Systems, and the result was the Enforcer-class picket cruiser. The Jaemus yards were rivalled only by the Sluis Van shipyards. A group of Plexus courier droids also passed through the Jaemus shipyards, to be modified by Renikco and Santhe workers to serve as transport vessels for Death-Hunter cyborgs. (SWJ3, SWJ9)

this man was a smuggler who settled on the moon of Pinett and began working as a dockhand during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. When Daetan Taakses began his hunger strike in protest of the blockades above Pinett, Jaeth felt that Taakses and the Pinett Freedom Force were taking away his primary source of legal income. (WOA25)

this Abyssin term refers to the mating race between eligible males and females. Any female who completes the rite of passage to adulthood is given a head start, to be pursued by all adult bachelor males. The first male to catch a female wins her, and they are mated for life. Because the female Abyssin are faster runners than the males, a female's like or dislike for a given male may influence the race. (GG4)

this man was once the King of the Naboo, and was generally credited with establishing the Great Time of Peace during his rule. (IWE1)

Jaffa Cider
this pressed, mulled juice was known for its rich fragrance. (ND)

Jag Crag Gorge
part of the incredibly beautiful, though extremely arid, landscape of Tatooine, Jag Crag Gorge is a twisting, winding channel filled with rocky spires and outcroppings. Located near Arch Canyon, the Gorge was part of Jabba the Hutt's podracing course. It fed racers into the formation known as Jett's Chute. The Gorge later served as a section of the noted Mos Espa Circuit, a swoop racing event held annually during the height of the New Order. (TPM, RAC, SWGAL)

this Trandoshan term refers to the spoils of victory won in mortal combat. Each Trandoshan collects jagannath points throughout its life, mainly from capturing and killing Wookiees much larger than itself. When the Trandoshan dies, he gives his jagannath points to a Scorekeeper, and the total determines the Trandoshan's place in the afterlife. (TBH)

Jagg Island Detention Center
located on Coruscant, this prison facility was used by the New Republic to incarcerate former Imperial officers. (SOL)

Jagga II
this planet, located in the Venjagga System, was the site of an Imperial base following the Battle of Endor. It is a small world, and was protected by the Imperial-II class Star Destroyer Eviscerator. The reason for the Eviscerator's presence was the fact that Jagga II was producing missiles for the Imperial Navy. (XWN)

Jagga VII
a gas giant in the Venjagga System. (XWN)

Jaggert, Randall
this Imperial Colonel was in charge of the construction of the resupply base which was to be built in the Bissillirus System, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (GMK)

this Mandalorian once challenged Canderous Ordo to a duel in the Dune Sea of Tatooine, a fight that Jagi eventually lost. It was Jagi who claimed that Canderous had turned his back on his fellow Mandalorians, and he wanted to kill Canderous in an act of revenge. In the wake of the duel, Jagi was embarrased by his defeat, and took his own life rather than return to Mandalore defeated. (SWDB, KOTOR)

this Mandalorian was the leader of a small band that was dispatched to Tatooine during the height of the Mandalorian Wars. He was later defeated in combat by Canderous Ordo. (KOTOR)

this was an Ansionian expression of excitement. (APS)

this is one of the three largest cities found on the planet Farrfin. Like Farlhu and Geltyu, it is best known for the criminal element which thrives within its borders. Jahhnu is known for the numerous betting houses that cater to gullible off-worlders, and which take in incredible numbers of credits from unsuspecting tourists. (TTSB)

this was one of the larger Hutt kajidics, or clans. Before Jabba the Hutt claimed Tatooine for the Desilijics, the Jahibakti clan controlled nearly one-fifth of the planet's criminal activities. They also controlled more than fifty percent of the planet's water supply. (SOT)

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