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Jae Juun

this Sullustan was an independent spacer and part-time smuggler who worked from a base on Regel Eight during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Juun and his partner, the Ewok named Tarfang, worked out of Juun's starship, the XR808g for many years, before being drawn to the Unknown Regions and going to work for the Colony. When Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo, arrived in search of their twins, Jaina and Jacen, Jae Juun reluctantly agreed to help them get to Yoggoy. Although not fully a Joiner, Jae understood that the Colony - and UnuThul in particular - did not want the Solos to locate their children, out of fear that they might interfere with the struggle against the Chiss. Jae Juun, however, accepted at face value the Solos' offer of assistance. Although he was dismayed to learn that the Solos were trying to remove their children and the other Jedi from the hive, he realized that he was not ready to become a Joiner. Thus, he worked to earn Han's trust, drawing on his knowledge of the history of the Galactic Civil War to try and anticipate his actions. Jae Juun discovered that much of Han's skill was based on spur-of-the-moment decisions, which was hard to fathom but easy to acknowledge. During the height of the so-called Qoribu Crisis, Jae Juun found himself working with the Solos to try and avoid all-out warfare between the Chiss and the Colony. He was forced to sacrifice the XR808g on a mission to infitrate the Colony's hives in the Qoribu moons, and later joined Han as part-time co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon. When the Colony was relocated to the Utegetu Nebula, Han arranged for Jae Juun to purchase a new transport vessel from Lando Calrissian, and convinced Lando to give them a lucrative transport contract. The Sullustan found the new vessel - a Mon Calamarian Sailfish model - too expensive to operate, and traded it in on the Ronto-class transport designated DR919a. He also declined to renew his contract with Lando, and instead went to work for Second Mistake Enterprises. In this new capacity, Jae Juun and Tarfang inadvertently provided shipments of spinglass sculptures containing Gorog assassin bugs to the Galactic Alliance's Fifth Fleet, which was blockading the Utegetu Nebula. In an effort to atone for this, they allowed Solo and Luke Skywalker to commandeer the DR919a and attack the Gorog nest ship hidden within the Utegetu Nebula. The DR919a was badly damaged in the attack, and Jae Juun did all he could to control its crash-landing on the hull of the Gorog nest ship. Jae Juun and Tarfang fought valiantly alongside Solo and Skywalker, and managed to disable the vessel before it could escape. In the aftermath of the blockade, Jae Juun and Tarfang found themselves being approached by Admiral Nek Bwua'tu, who offered them positions as intelligence agents. Bwua'tu knew that their knowledge of the Colony, as well as their contacts at Second Mistake Enterprises, put them in a position to gather information about the Killiks. Jae Juun and Tarfang heartily agreed to the offer.
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