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this young Ferroan girl was the granddaughter of the original Magister of Zonama Sekot, and greeted Anakin Skywalker when he and Obi-Wan Kenobi traveled to the planet to investigate the disappearance of Vergere. Her grandfather had created a number of holograms of her to keep him company in the Far Distance compound, while she was in Middle Distance attending school. To avoid confusion, the Magister named the holograms Wind. Jabitha was on Zonama Sekot when the planet disappeared into hyperspace, in order to avoid capture at the hands of Wilhuff Tarkin. Anakin never saw her again, but Jabitha grew up to become the Magister of Zonama Sekot. When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Zonama Sekot hid itself within the Unknown Regions, and the Ferroans became isolated. Jabitha retained the memory of the Jedi, and when Luke Skywalker arrived on Zonama Sekot to ask for the planet' help, Jabitha was initially agreeable to mediate an exchange. Sekot, however, still needed proof of the true nature behind Master Skywalker's request. Sekot used Senshi and his followers to kidnap Jabitha, along with Danni Quee, Jacen Solo, and Saba Sebatyne. When the Jedi had proven that they were indeed searching for a peaceful resolution to the conflict with the Yuuzhan Vong, Jabitha was released and was able to return to her work for a short time. When Nom Anor tried to sabotage the planet's hyperdrive vanes in an effort to destroy it, Zonama Sekot was forced to make a blind jump into hyperspace. The resulting jump brought them close to several stars and planets, causing massive amonts of ecological damage to Zonama itself. Jabitha found herself at the mercy of the planet, traveling to remote locations at the whim of Sekot to help maintain the ecosystem.
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