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Wessiri Antilles, Iella

this Corellian female was an associate of Corran Horn and Gil Bastra. She was married to Diric Wessiri, and was a member of the New Republic Security forces. She and Corran were teamed up in a tour of duty that involved trips to Kessel. She was later planted on Coruscant as an undercover agent, assuming the alias of Irin Fossyr, a representative of the Rohair Biochemical Clinic. In this capacity, she assisted Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron when they were sent to Coruscant to knock out the planet's shields. The offensive was successful, despite the fact that the Krytos virus was loose, and Iella emerged from her anonymity. She was chosen to assist Halla Ettyk during the trial of Tycho Celchu, and was busy gathering data when her husband, Diric, reappeared after being in Imperial captivity. She had given him up for dead, and was quickly becoming friends with Wedge Antilles. She remained loyal to Diric, and was both ecstatic and concerned at his presence. While she loved having him back, Diric was physically emaciated and tried to remain as active as he was in the past. He was constantly talkign with Tycho Celchu, and was convinved of his innocence despite Iella's evidence. When Nawara Ven told her that he was going to produce an Imperial witness to solve the Celchu case once and for all, she discovered that the Imperial wanted to meet only with Ven and herself. She agreed, and met Kirtan Loor in a secret entrance to the Imperial Justice building. However, her husband Diric had learned that an Imperial had been captured, and he believed it to be Evir Derricote. Diric ambushed the three of them as they emerged at the prosecutor's level, and began firing shots. He caught Ven in the right hip before fatally wounding Loor. Iella acted quickly to try and save their witness and bring the assassin to justice, and shot her weapon several times. It was only after the shooting stopped that she realized who the attacker was. Diric died from his wounds just as Kirtan Loor did. Iella was very distraught, but continued on the case until Corran Horn returned to prove Celchu innocent. She also discovered that she felt some attraction to Wedge Antilles, who was two years older than her, but his duties kept them from becoming serious. Iella remained with the New Republic, and served with Elscol Loro during the infiltration of Thyferra during the Bacta War. She later joined the New Republic Intelligence agency, and was one of the key investigators working to hunt down Leonia Tavira and the Invids. She was also one of the agents who was blind-dropped into Adumari society, just before the planet opened negotiations between the Republic and the Empire for membership. She had felt that her work had distanced her from Wedge, along with his relationship with Qwi Xux. However, they were reunited on Adumar, where Wedge explained that his relationship with Qwi had ended. They rekindled their romance in the face of a civil war started because of the actions of Tomer Darpen. After the battle was over and Darpen had been arrested, Iella was named to be the Republic's key Intelligence contact on Adumar, in his place. She also agreed to marry Wedge, and together they started a family of their own. After the Second Battle of Coruscant, Iella became one of the founding members of the Inner Circle formed by Wedge, leading the intelligence branch of the group's activities.
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