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TFN Rebels Review: "Twilight Of The Apprentice: Part 1"

Posted by Dustin on June 10, 2016 at 10:43 AM CST

After weeks and weeks of building up, we have finally arrived at the epic season finale of Rebels.

Most of season 2 has been building characters and filling in backstory. There has been some action sprinkled in, but all of that pails in comparison to what was presented in this finale.

In the first half, we got to see a lot of ancient Star Wars history, the return of Darth Maul, a new inquisitor, and a lot of epic jedi action.

Right from the beginning this episode was emotional. Rex and Ahsoka share a moment that has your heart in shambles. In what feels like the final time they'll ever speak, Rex gives respect to Ahsoka and they even throw in a line from The Clone Wars movie back in 2008. That was a perfect set up to an emotional finale.

Malachor was a beautifully animated planet.
The look and style of this episode was superb, and we saw a lot of stuff that has never been done before in Star Wars. Obviously the cross guard saber was a throw-in to connect to The Force Awakens, but the bigger take away from their entrance into the temple was the story of the ancient battle. To see these jedi frozen in stone with cross guard sabers on the ground was riveting. I hope they can one day tell the story of what happened hundreds of years before the Star Wars timeline we have been watching since 1977.

Although this new inquisitor feels about as threatening as the other two, they set up his story to indicate that Vader and the emperor are searching for someone. Kanan and Ahsoka teaming up to take this guy on was awesome to see.

Having Ezra separate early on was an indicator that his story would be more significant than Ahsoka and Kanan. He immediately meets Darth Maul down below, and that opens up a whole new box of questions and storylines. Having Maul be a decrepit old man was brilliant and knowing Ezra's compassion the audience could easily predict that he could be tricked.

The action was compelling, the intrigue was high, and this opening half had you on the edge of your seats. As we head into break, Maul reveals himself to the group, and you know we're about to step on the gas.

Nothing. It was all awesome. Well, except for that weird saber-copter thing. That was strange.

The opening to this episode was amazing. I will give my final thoughts after part two.

This review was done by Fan of Ryan Donoho. You can contact him at

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