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TFN Rebels Review: "The Honorable Ones"

Posted by Dustin on June 9, 2016 at 07:18 AM CST

This week's episode of Rebels will go down as my favorite. Not only was the story compelling, but every second was used to deliver some of the best Star Wars animation ever.

Zeb and Kallus are two characters that haven't gotten a lot of attention beyond the surface, and seeing these two enemies together set up some great moments.

Almost everything in this episode worked. Heck, I would say it all worked. But when you start peeling back the layers of the episode, you'll find a lot of epic moments, and it leaves us with more questions than answers.

Starting the episode off with Geonosis was a really nice touch. We saw the death star origins take place on the planet back during Attack of the Clones, and now to see that story thread continue really makes this feel like one big story. In the comics, Darth Vader had wiped out a lot of the population on Geonosis, but many questions still remain about that planet. Hopefully this is a set up for what we will see in Rogue One.

The dynamic between Kallus and Zeb was set up in season one. After it was revealed that Kallus was on the mission that destroyed Zeb's race, the tension was evident. Out of all people that could have been paired up, these two were the perfect choice.

In a story that felt much like the sci-fi film, Enemy Mine, this was a new spin on a Star Wars story. Having Zeb and Kallus put in a situation that forces them to work together brought out the best in both of them. The cave they were in was legitimately creepy. The giant bug monsters felt like a real threat. And at times, you really wondered if Kallus was going to make it out alive.

The bleakness and despair was also evident. When they first exited the pod, their chances of survival felt small.

By the end of it all, it really humanized Agent Kallus. What was once a character that was the face of the empire is now a complex guy who is searching for his real purpose. You also felt the compassion shown by Zeb, and can understand why he is part of this fight against the empire.

Nothing. It was all really well done.

This episode really set up a lot of future storylines moving forward. Is Agent Kallus still devoted to the empire? How will he act next time we see him? What happened on Geonosis? When will we see something more about the death star?

I was thoroughly entertained and can't wait to see those questions answered in the future.

This review was done by Fan of Ryan Donoho. You can contact him at

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