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TFN Rebels Review: "The Holocrons Of Fate"

Posted by Ryan on May 14, 2017 at 12:41 PM CST

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 started out with a strong premiere, so many were wondering what kind of episode we would get now that we have begun the season proper.

I think it's safe to say the next episode, The Holocrons of Fate, was even better.

The episode begins with a continuation of the Sith Holocron storyline. Ezra clearly is still feeling the residual effects of opening it. His questions to Kanan in regards to its whereabouts means to me that he almost has a withdrawal.

The story takes a quick turn as Kanan and Ezra learn that the other members of the crew of The Ghost have been taken prisoner by Maul. Maul tells them the only way to save their friends is to bring the Sith Holocron to him, which we know is with The Bendu.

There are some interesting moments on The Ghost with Maul and the crew, as he has a moment with Sabine in which they bring up the fact that he once ruled Mandalore. He also studies her artwork.

Kanan takes Ezra to the Bendu, and they have to go through tests to recover the Holocron. Ezra starts to see the way Kanan is now, and eventually get the Holocron back. The Bendu warns both Kanan and Ezra that it is dangerous, and that their tests are just beginning, but nevertheless they continue on their way to save their friends.

When they arrive at the abandoned Mandalorian asteroid outpost, the guys now have to deal with Maul. Maul tricks Kanan and throws him out through the airlock, and that opens the door for Maul and Ezra to be alone.

After Kanan meets up with the crew, they go to find Ezra, but are too late. Maul and Ezra open both the Sith and the Jedi Holocrons, and combine them. Ezra is seeking the secret to destroy the Sith, and Maul appears to be searching for Obi-Wan.

Ezra mutters two of the most important words of the episode: "Twin Suns."


•Ezra seems to still be headstrong. His interactions with the darkside should present some dangerous situations this season.

•Kanan and Ezra's relationship seems to be evolving. It seems much less like Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, and is starting to turn into Obi-Wan and Anakin.

•Maul appears to be important to Ezra's story. It'll be interesting to see how they are connected now that they had that interaction with the Holocrons.

GRADE: 10/10

This was a perfect episode. The story was compelling, the characters were used well, and it continued to spark intrigue for the episodes to come.

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