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TFN Rebels Review: "The Antilles Extraction"

Posted by Ryan on May 14, 2017 at 01:07 PM CST

After the high of seeing Darth Maul, what could top it?


In the fourth episode of Season Three, we not only see Wedge Antilles, but the return of Fulcrum.

The episode begins with the rebels getting a transmission from a Fulcrum agent telling them there are imperial cadets looking to defect from The Skystrike Academy.

From there, Sabine goes undercover at the academy and looks to escape with Wedge, Hobbie, and Rake Gahree. They are the three cadets looking to defect.

They fly into a trap, and there is a pretty awesome space battle that ensues. Sabine also gets into an altercation with Governor Pryce.

Eventually, Sabine makes it out with Wedge and Hobbie, but Rake dies in the space battle.


• Wedge mentions in "Aftermath" that he was once recruited to the Rebellion by a Fulcrum agent. To see that story come to life on screen is awesome. This is what The Story Group is for, and it is great to see them bring all of these stories together.

• Nathan Kress did the voice of Wedge, and he did pretty good delivering a young Wedge.

• Sabine seems to be getting more play in Season 3, and it'll be interesting to see how her role expands later in the season.

• Now that we know Wedge is part of Phoenix Squadron, I want to see how big of a part he will play.

• It seems pretty obvious that the new Fulcrum agent is Kallus, as the voice matches up well.

• Gary Whitta, who wrote the first draft of Rogue One, wrote this episode.
GRADE: 7/10

This was a good episode. At times it dragged on, but the idea that Wedge was part of this small rebel crew is great. There was enough action and intrigue to keep me locked in for the entirety of the episode. It also moved the overall story along, which is key.

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