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TFN Rebels Review: "Iron Squadron"

Posted by Ryan on May 22, 2017 at 11:28 AM CST

Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels has been fantastic through seven episodes. The 8th episode wasn't on par unfortunately.

This episode was entirely centered around Iron Squadron, which is led by Commander Sato's nephew, Mart Mattin. He and his friends Jonner Jin and Gooti Terez are a group of young Rebels who get themselves into sticky situations.

Iron Squadron ends up crossing paths with Phoenix Squadron, and after a space battle, Iron Squadron returns to base with the crew of The Ghost, and Mart is reunited with his uncle.

This episode felt slow. The first seven episodes moved the overall story along great, but this felt out of place. Sure, the characters were interesting enough with the connection to Sato, but I often felt bored throughout, and was left asking why this episode was made. Hopefully we will see the Iron Squadron play a role later in the series, but if not, this was very forgettable.


•The characters of Mart Mattin and Gooti Terez were clear references to Matt Martin and Andi Guttierez of Lucasfilm. That was a cool touch, and probably a huge honor for them.

•Their ship, Sato's Hammer, was basically The Outrider. The Outrider was Dash Rendar's ship in Shadows of the Empire.

GRADE: 6/10

This wasn't the worst episode of the series, but it slowed the momentum that was building. There were good space battles and fun familial connections, but this may have been better served in Season 2, or at a slower part of the season.

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