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Star Wars Resistance

Star Wars Resistance - "Secrets and Holograms" Recap And Review

Posted by Steve on December 3, 2018 at 08:00 AM CST

Star Wars Resistance

Spoiler warning!!!

Episode 10 – “Secrets and Holograms”
Directed by – Sal Ruiz
Written by – Stephany Folsom

In a refreshing change of pace, this week’s episode of Star War Resistance opens in Torra Doza’s room instead of the Fireball shop. In fact, we don’t see the shop or its inhabitants even once this entire episode, a first for this season. She’s playing a video game called "Flight Simulator Squadron", hanging out with her pet Voorpak “Buggles”, and is extremely bored and restless ever since her father ordered her to say put, citing there’s too much danger right now for her on the platform.

He's doesn't know Torra is aware of the arrangement he’s making with the First Order and is awaiting their arrival shortly to solidify the deal. In his office he pleads his case to her saying the First Order are very dangerous and shouldn’t be taken lightly. She reiterates that she’s an Ace pilot and can handle herself. She leaves, and he orders 4D to keep her in her room until after Commander Pyre and the First Order have left.

Back in her room, Torra is trying everything she can to convince 4D that she needs to leave her room. With nothing working, she tricks 4D into taking Buggles outside to do her “business”, which is just a distraction so she can sneak out. While doing this, she is spotted by 4D, but it is too late as Buggles has just relieved herself on the floor (purple pee?)

Elsewhere on the platform, Kaz and BB-8 are walking around trying to surmise what Captain Doza’s connection to the First Order is and what their plan is. Kaz's objective is to get into the tower but of course he has no way to do that. Just as they are trying to sneak in, they literally bump into Torra trying to sneak out. She convinces them to go have some fun with her.

While walking thorough the market she explains her father has a meeting with the First Order and tells Kaz it has something to do with the pirate attacks. Being somewhat of a celebrity, she attracts the unwanted attention of some people who want to know what’s going on with the pirate attacks and some other stuff. They get away just as Commander Pyre comes flying in for his meeting with Captain Doza. Before this however, Torra tries to purchase a gemstone from a vendor who if I'm not mistaken is a Bothan? If so, this would be our first look at a member of that famous Death Star II, schematic stealing species.

She tells Kaz about the pending agreement her father and the First Order have in place and that it should quell the pirate attacks but will relinquish control of the platform. They decide to go back to the Aces Lounge and get some food as well as go to Torra’s room and play "Flight Simulator Squadron" Hard to tell if Kaz’s interest in playing the video game is sincere or just an act that will get him access to the tower. More than likely it's a bit of both.

We cut to Captain Doza’s office as Pyre and two stormtroopers walk in for the meeting. They go over the terms of the agreement including how many troopers will be left behind and how long they can expect the First Order to hang around the station, even after the pirate attacks have been quelled. Doza is understandably apprehensive as he knows the First Order’s penchant for wearing out their welcome.

So, Torra and Kaz get to the Aces Lounge where the other pilots are enjoying themselves. Hype Fazon is telling a trapped Bo Keevil racing stories and the others are asking Torra when her father will resume the races. Kaz is stuffing his face with some food at the bar when he spots his old nemesis, Jace Rucklin (Elijah Wood), who has had to get a job in the lounge to pay for his racer that he blames Kaz for destroying. He’s still very mad at Kaz for what went down back in “Fuel for the Fire” episode. Torra wants to leave because according to her, “this place is starting to reek”, the funniest line in episode and they head back to her room to play video games.

They run into Commander Pyre and Captain Doza wrapping up their meeting in the hallway, and Kaz sees Pyre hand Doza a data pad which contains the particulars of the agreement. Kaz sees this as an opportunity to learn all about what the First Order and Doza are up to. Instead, Torra drags him to her room to hide out instead.

Star Wars Resistance

While there, they share a nice moment together, both appreciating one another’s circumstance on the platform. Kaz and Torra, while a few years apart, are both young and mostly without friends their age and with Imanuel consumed with the affairs of Colossus, Torra is feeling especially disregarded. They seem to find comfort in that they have found each other as friends and Kaz playfully challenges her to a game of "Flight Simulator Squadron" to brighten her mood.

Things are going well as 4D enters and goes into “intruder alert” alarm mode after seeing BB-8. Torra’s voice command shuts that down just as Kaz can sneak out with BB-8 close behind. Left to his own devices in the tower now, Kaz resumes his fact finding and he and BB make their way to Captain Doza’s office. Unfortunately for them, Jace Rucklin is wandering the halls and sees them go into the office.

He runs to the landing where Doza is seeing off Commander Pyre to tell him about the break in. Cut to Kaz inside, rummaging through Doza’s desk looking for the data pad so he can transfer the information to a data stick. He finds it in a desk drawer and begins the download as Doza and Jace make their way back to the office. The download completes just in time and Kaz hides in a closet to avoid being seen.

This is where we get the bombshells of all bombshells. Hanging inside the closet is a Captain’s Imperial Uniform! Now, is it Doza’s? He is a Captain, or calls himself one anyway, so it makes sense that it belongs to him and he gets very upset when Jace tries to look in the closet for Kaz.

So, Jace tells Doza it was Kazuda that broke into the office, but they don’t find him so Doza gets mad at Jace and orders him to empty his garbage bin instead. Just as he leaves, Torra walks in to speak with her father about what’s going on but to also get him out of the office so Kaz can get out. I assume because he tried to go there earlier, she knew where he would be.

They leave to speak to the Aces. to address their concerns and Kaz gets out of the office safely with the information from the data pad and the knowledge that Doza was perhaps a former Imperial Officer. He’s obviously troubled by this new information understanding the weight of having Doza, a former Imperial, working alongside the First Order.

BB-8 and Kaz are intercepted in the hallway by Torra who has returned to help him avoid the guards who are roaming the hallways, but only if he promises to tell why he broke into her father’s office. She gets the idea to sneak out in a trash incinerator but has her “processing” days mixed up and they are caught in the middle of a very strange, and convenient, trash incinerating process. I say convenient because in a nice call-back, they must use the exact skills they learned playing "Flight Simulator Squadron" to avoid getting killed by the lasers and machinery. While Kaz is happy to be alive, Torra seems to have enjoyed the excitement and trill of escape.

So, she holds him to his word and wants to know why he was in her office. He makes up a lame excuse which she sees right through and comes right out and says, “Kazuda, be honest with me, are you a spy?” She tells him her father found out about his days in the New Republic, but he maintains he quit the Navy to become a professional racer. Torra isn’t buying what he’s selling but lets him go on his way.

Back at her room, he father is there fulfilling an earlier promise to take her out for a hover-cruise, now that the First Order is gone. She needs a moment alone to get ready and says to herself, “who are you really Kazuda?”

The end.

Star Wars Resistance

It’s funny because I’ve been so focused on the First Order; it never occurred to me that Doza would have an Imperial past. But of course it makes perfect sense and I can’t help think of when many of the Nazi officers after World War II ran off to places like South America to escape their past and start a new life. Many of them were found, still in possession of their Nazi uniforms and other memorabilia.

He doesn’t strike me as evil but keep in mind Torra was born 14 years after the fall of the Empire so he didn’t run due to familial obligations. Guilt hangs over Colossus like a dark cloud and doesn’t offer any respite for many of its citizens, Doza is no different. Whatever deeds he’s running from, he seems to be attempting to make amends for them now, we’ll see.

As for Kaz, he’s stumbling his way around falling into information through happenstance rather than naturally keen detective skills. This latest discovery should please Poe Dameron and the Resistance greatly although I sense they already know what’s going on, they just needed proof.

As for Torra, I’m sure we’ll get to a point where her love for her father will be put to the test. As Kaz finds out more about him, the decision to share that intel with her will be something he’ll struggle with but is inevitable, he’ll need her going forward. It was fun seeing them work together and share some genuine moments of friendship, something they’ll most certainly build on.

Now that the arrangement has been more or less agreed to, having the First Order around should make things a little tense on the platform, which will lead to some interesting interactions I’m sure.

Next week we’ve got “Station Theta Black” …

“When Poe and Kaz find an old First Order mining facility, BB-8 discovers the facility isn’t so abandoned.”

It’s worth noting that not only do we get more Poe Dameron, but we’ll get some more of Captain Phasma as well. And not just in a hologram as the image released for the episode has her walking alongside two troopers.

Obviously, the important detail will be what exactly is the First Order mining at this “Theta Black” station that is so valuable. We know the Starkiller Base didn’t use crystals to power its weapon, that was dark energy or “quintessence” as they called it, but the mobile ice planet was rich in Kyber, so they wouldn’t need a separate mining facility for that. Could it have something to do with why they want Colossus? You’re guess is as good as mine.

Till next time…MTFBWY.

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