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Star Wars Rebels Scoop: A Voice For The Inquisitor And A Classic Character Cameo

Posted by Eric on June 18, 2014 at 03:14 PM CST

Late yesterday, we received an email from ForceCast listener Greg, who works at a company that helps produce Star Wars Rebels for an international audience (that's as specific as he would allow me to be in describing his job). Greg gave us some new information about the series' cast and its premiere on the Disney Channel this fall. (Beware of minor spoilers below.)

  • A name we've not heard in a long time. Obi-Wan Kenobi will appear in the pilot, voiced by James Arnold Taylor. (MakingStarWars heard that he will appear as a "holographic recording.")
  • From Death Eater to Inquisitor. The Imperial Inquisitor, whose voice has been a topic of intense conversation since he was first revealed, will be played by Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs.
  • Don't forget Kallus. Imperial agent Kallus is the main enemy of the two-episode series premiere, which also features Wookiees.
I've included the full text of Greg's email below. Thanks to him for sending this information along.
Hi Guys!

I have some very exciting and ex[c]lusive info about Rebels just for you! I've been lucky enough to watch the entire pilot and I have some things to tell you.

Lets start with the small things. The pilot is indeed 2 regular episodes long, there are wookies in it and Agent Kallus is the main enemy. We don't see the Inquisitor more than in the trailer. I won't tell you anything else about the story, because I don't want to spoil it.

Now, the exciting part: So Agent Kallus. The one, that says "All troopers, focus your fire on… on the Jedi."You were right, he is voiced by David Oyelowo. :)

Wait, it gets better: Obi-Wan will be in the pilot, but not in the way, you would think. He will, of course, be voiced by James Arnold Taylor. :) :)
And now, the Inquisitor. He is voiced by Jason Isaacs. I know. I didn't see that coming either.

So, that's all folks, I hope I gave you some interesting tidbits. :)

Love the show! Bye!


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