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Filoni photo credit: The Official Star Wars Blog
Official SW Blog Posts Part 1 Of Dave Filoni TCW S5 Interview
Posted by Eric on October 15, 2013 at 03:18 PM CST |
The Official Star Wars Blog is celebrating the release of The Clone Wars Season 5 on Blu-ray and DVD by publishing an interview with Dave Filoni, the series' supervising director. In part one of their conversation, Filoni discusses "how the many game-changing story beats of the year came to be, why a break from Darth Maul is important, and what it would take to get a New York Rangers reference into the show."

Here's an excerpt from the interview where Filoni discusses Steela Gerrera:
I will say this about Steela. When I think of her, I think that she?s one of the biggest regrets I have this season, which is I wish we hadn?t killed her. We all ended up liking that character very much. I thought she was very successful. Dawn-Lyen Gardner played her and played her brilliantly. I just thought that there was an opportunity to bring a character like that back in the future because we liked her so much by the time we were ready to kill her. But in the writers? room, we didn?t feel like we could tell that story and let everybody get off scot-free. It just couldn?t work out that neat and there had to be a price paid for their freedom, and it ended up being Steela for various reasons.
Click here to read part one of this interview with Filoni.
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