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In ForceCast Interview, The Clone Wars Composer Says He's Still Working On Bonus Content

Posted by Eric on June 14, 2013 at 12:00 PM CST

In an interview that was released on this week's episode of The ForceCast, Star Wars: The Clone Wars composer Kevin Kiner confirmed that he was still in the process of scoring episodes of the series that are scheduled to be released as bonus content.

Kiner, who this year was nominated for an Emmy for his musical composition on the series, said that, while he didn't remember exactly how many episodes of bonus content he had scored so far, it had been at least five episodes. "I'm still working on one right now," Kiner added. Because of "the process of animation," he said, "there's a lot of lead time" in the production. This week, in an interview on the Full of Sith podcast, Kiner said, "We have about ten shows that we're still working on, that are going to be part of this special material."

Kiner also responded to the number-one question on fans' minds when it comes to the music of The Clone Wars: Will we be getting a soundtrack for the series? "It's my great hope that we will get one," Kiner said, "and there are discussions. ... It's not being ignored. Whether it will happen or not, Lord knows, but there are definitely discussions."

Looking to the future, Kiner mentioned that, while it's to early to make specific commitments, he would be interested in composing the music for the recently-announced Star Wars Rebels TV show. "I'm glad to see Dave Filoni is part of it," Kiner said of Rebels, "because I have a great relationship with Dave."

To hear more of Kiner's comments about The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, the Sequel Trilogy, and the state of cinematic composition, check out the just-released episode of The ForceCast.

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