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Zayn Malik Signs On For Lead Male Role In Star Wars: Rogue One

Posted by Dustin on April 1, 2015 at 03:00 AM CST

TMI reports that reps for the young singer/actor spilled the beans over cocktails at infamous downtown LA hotspot, The Wave.

Last night after the Teddy Bamberger awards show, things got a little too cozy for some at the after party when a certain rep known for dealing with Zayn Malik revealed that he was "leaving One Direction to pursue a lead role in an upcoming Star Wars franchise being created separately from the regular ones."

There have also been numerous Zayn Malik sightings in the Skywalker Ranch area of California where he's been making the final steps to seal the deal with Lucasfilm and Disney.

Read the full report here!

With Disney behind the wheel it seems anything is possible with Star Wars these days! More on this news as we get it!

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