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Star Wars Resistance

Star Wars Resistance - "Synara's Score" Review

Posted by Steve on November 19, 2018 at 09:00 AM CST

Star Wars Resistance

Warning! Episodic spoilers ahead!

Episode 08 – “Synara’s Score”
Directed by – Bosco Ng
Written by – Gavin Hignight

With this week’s show titled “Synara’s Score” you don’t need to be a genius to figure out who will be the focus in this new episode of Star Wars Resistance, but how much? We start off however in the shop with a very interesting conversation between Captain Doza and Jarek Yeager.

It seems the platform’s defenses are down thanks to a faulty targeting computer and Doza is desperate to get them back online quickly, and quietly. He’s sending out the Aces on a mission in three hours, so the Fireball crew is under a tight timeline to get the system fixed. Yeager orders the crew to keep it quiet as they go in search of some rare parts they’ll need for the computer.

Tam and Kaz head to Orka and Flix’s shop where they strike out, not before being laughed out of the shop at the absurd request. While there, Kaz gets the idea to visit Synara down at the docks, who he thinks is a salvager and would know where to get the parts they need.

They find Synara giving a much larger co-worker (Klatooinian?) more trouble than he can handle, and Tam seems impressed. Kaz is his usual jittery awkward self, especially with a secret to keep, so he’s basically useless talking to Synara. Tam steps in and she and Synara both seem impressed with each other’s knowledge on mechanics and technical type things. Synara recognizes it as military tracking hardware and finds them what they need.

With time ticking by, Yeager goes to meet with Doza who is concerned that the pirates are changing tactics and strategies and can’t figure out why. He notes that lately they’ve been better prepared and have more resources, but of course he doesn’t know the pirates are in cahoots with the First Order. He admits they are barely hanging on and won’t survive much longer. He also tells Yeager that the Aces will be escorting a priority shipment within the hour, leaving the station completely unable to defend itself, unless Yeager can fix the targeting system in time.

Meanwhile, suspecting what the parts were for, Synara reaches out to Kragan and tells him the station’s tracking systems are likely down, making Colossus nearly defenseless, except for the Aces. He wants her to get confirmation that this is the case before he attacks so she goes to the Fireball shop to do a little recon work.

Star Wars Resistance

Synara arrives at the shop, ominous music in tow, to find them working on the targeting computer, which they tell her is a food steamer. To get her out of the shop, Tam offers to treat Synara to lunch, which she accepts. During their lunch date, they have a nice moment together, finding out that they have some things in common. Tam tells her that when she was younger, she would follow her father around the galaxy in the race circuit. She wants to be a professional racer herself but had sold her ship to get out of debt, which is why she’s working for Yeager. Synara sympathizes and says, “Seems we both want the same thing…more than what life has offered us.” Just then they notice that all of the Aces take off to escort that shipment Doza mentioned earlier.

Tam runs back to the shop to work on the targeting system knowing that Colossus is now completely defenseless, and Synara contacts Kragan, to tell him the same.

The pirates, who were waiting for the call, attack almost immediately. It’s basically targeting practice with no defense systems and they bombard and enter the station. Tam notices the loading docks where Synara works is taking some heavy damage. Feeling like she owes a debt of gratitude, Tam and BB-8 go to the docks to help Synara who they think is in trouble while Kaz stays behind to finish installing the computer.

Meanwhile, Doza is having a full-blown panic attack as Yeager and Kaz are en route, hoping to get the targeting computer installed. They are stopped just short of installing it by Kragan and some pirates and they get into a brutal fight. Meanwhile, Tam has reached the docks and is fighting her way (yes!) through pirates to get to Synara who she thinks is in trouble.

The two scenes parallel each other, and this is perhaps the most thrilling sequence of the season so far. Tam catches up to Synara and just before a pirate recognizes her, she punches knocks him out before Tam can catch on. Synara is genuinely touched that she would risk her life to save hers and Tam responds, “Of course I did, that’s what friends are for”

As for Kaz, he and Yeager with some great difficulty, manage to fend off the pirates and get the targeting system installed. It immediately kicks in and goes to work, forcing the pirates to retreat. Kragan however is satisfied with the damage they’ve incurred on the station and they leave without any further harm done to Colossus. The battle is over.
Sensing the worst is over, Tam and Synara begin helping others and cleaning up in the aftermath of the attack as Yeager and Kaz return to the shop. Yeager picks up on the fact that the pirates attacked right at the exact moment the station was at its most vulnerable, indicating he’s aware they were tipped off. Kaz questions whether he’s the only spy on the platform to which Yeager responds…

“Kaz, you were never the only spy on this platform…” And there you have it.

Star Wars Resistance

The episode ends with Doza in his office viewing the damage. He calls on Commander Pyre and asks to see the First Orders proposal sensing they can’t withstand another pirate attack. Pyre tells him he’ll deliver it personally. The End.
A very thrilling episode to say the least but a tad misleading. Synara had very little screen time comparatively but they are hinting at the fact she may have a soft spot, especially for Tam. Synara is showing the effects of having lived a hard life and now she’s got perhaps her first friend in a very long time, maybe ever. With no clear end or resolve, she’s definitely going to be a series semi-regular, at least for a little while longer.

So, the First Order’s squeeze play seems to have worked on Captain Doza and we’ll see exactly what terms they are offering. What demands will they have in exchange for protection against pirate attacks they themselves orchestrated? Probably outrageous ones if I was making predictions. One thing that I’m sure will be likely part of the deal is a very present First Order on the platform going forward.

I also think there’s more to what Orka and Flix said earlier about where they attain much of their parts for the shop. It may seem in the waters beneath Colossus there’s something valuable lurking. It’s just a hunch, we’ll see.
This was a good episode and like it very much, and like I said, it had the most thrilling sequence of the season to date. It’s no surprise a Star Wars show handles action well, and this was certainly the case here.

The moments between Tam and Synara were great although I initially thought any progress with her would be made through her relationship with Kaz. But I like the decision to have her open up to Tam, which should serve both characters better in the end.

Next week we’ve got “The Platform Classic” …

“An upcoming race reunites Yeager with his estranged brother, Marcus, who needs to win to pay off his debut to a criminal organization.”

Looks like we’ll be taking a break from the Synara storyline and focusing on Yeager. He’s obviously got some baggage and the arrival of his brother should provide some insight into his backstory, maybe even his wife and daughter.

And there’s the matter of Commander Pyre making a return visit to the station to iron out the arrangement with Captain Doza. It should be an interesting couple of weeks to be sure.

Stay tuned!


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