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Star Wars Resistance Buckets List

Star Wars Resistance Bucket's List Round-Up!

Posted by Dustin on January 13, 2019 at 09:18 AM CST

Here are all of the "Bucket's List" video shorts all in one spot for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Bucket's List #1.1 and 1.2: "The Recruit" | Star Wars Resistance
Discover in-universe and behind-the-scenes fun facts from the two-part Star Wars Resistance episode "The Recruit"! Learn about different types of X-wings, why First Order TIE fighters can travel at lightspeed, and more!

Bucket's List #1.3: "The Triple Dark" | Star Wars Resistance
Learn about a special rare metal, see Captain Phasma in action, and check out the eclectic bunch of aliens inhabiting the Colossus platform!

Bucket's List #1.4: "Fuel for the Fire" | Star Wars Resistance
Find out how A New Hope, Return of the Jedi, and Solo: A Star Wars Story influenced this episode.

Bucket's List #1.5: "The High Tower" | Star Wars Resistance
Discover the many Easter eggs in Torra's room and more!

Bucket's List #1.6: "The Children from Tehar" | Star Wars Resistance
Learn all about puffer pig bacon, the mysterious Chelidae, and more fun facts in Bucket's List.

Bucket's List #1.7: "Signal from Sector Six" | Star Wars Resistance
Learn about crates, rampaging creatures, and more behind-the-scenes fun facts in Bucket's List.

Bucket's List #1.8: "Synara's Score" | Star Wars Resistance
Learn more about a recurring background character, a nod to World War II aviation, and Orka's sense of humor.

Bucket's List #1.9: "The Platform Classic" | Star Wars Resistance
Find out how Han Solo almost made an appearance in the Platform Classic, and where we've heard of the Five Sabers and the Guavian Death Gang before.

Bucket's List #1.10: "Secrets and Holograms" | Star Wars Resistance
Find out how the voorpak design originated and why Commander Pyre's ship looks familiar.

Bucket's List #1.11: "Station Theta Black" | Star Wars Resistance
Learn about the illustrated history of dedlanite, the many cameos of the sentry droids, and one very familiar sound effect.

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