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Star Wars: Kenobi Micro-Excerpt #1
Posted by Eric on August 8, 2013 at 02:21 PM CST |
Del Rey's Star Wars Books Facebook page has posted the first micro-excerpt from Star Wars: Kenobi by John Jackson Miller. Check it out below.
?Lucky,? Annileen said, rubbing the side of her head. There?d be a knot there, for sure. ?I was afraid we?d run into a sarlacc.?

?A healthy fear to have.?

Annileen forced herself to stand. Once sure of her bearings, she wiped her hand on her shirt and presented it. ?Annileen Calwell.?

?Annileen.? The man seemed reluctant at first to shake her hand, but soon did so amiably. ?I haven?t heard that one. Family name??

?Not any longer, if I have anything to say about it,? she said, smiling. ?Most just call me Annie.?

The rescuer paused, and for a moment she thought she saw his eyes fix, as if looking somewhere else. But the gentle smile quickly returned.

?No, Annileen is just fine.?

Star Wars: Kenobi will be released on August 27, 2013 from Del Rey Books.
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