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Star Wars Is Everywhere: Episode LXXXIX

Posted by Mike on October 13, 2013 at 01:41 PM CST

Josh Homme wants to be Ep. VII R2, a Star Wars etch-a-sketch recap, party favor lightsabers, S Club 7, the Death Star in soccer ball form, Star Wars images and more. Enjoy!

So what's the over-under on Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age getting the part of R2-D2 in Episode VII?

Kelly at shows you how to create party favor lightsabers out of pool noodles. displays the Star Wars fandom of S Club 7 singer Rachel Stevens and her husband Alex Bourne. And while we're at it, congrats to the expecting couple!

If you ever wanted to literally kick around the Death Star for all the galactic damage it caused, showcases the Death Star soccerball (or football, depending on from where you hail).

We've seen Star Wars recreated in a number of formats, but now it's time to check out Todd's Star Wars Recap - Etch A Sketch Version. (via presents "25 Incredible Images Inspired By Star Wars."

Continuing with more Star Wars images, BBC News displays some sweet GFFA concept art. stumbled onto some Star Wars meat sculptures. Yummy!

Catching up with some recent Official Blog posts we may not have linked to since our last edition of SWIE...

Inside the Star Wars: Cross-Sections Series by Hans Jenssen & Richard Chasemore
The Making of Return of the Jedi Available Today by J.W. Rinzler
10 Interesting Things I Learned from The Making of Return of the Jedi - by Eric Geller
Heeding the Call: Rise of the Mandalorian Mercs by Tom Hutchens
Star Wars Celebration Europe: Your Favorite Memory Photo Book, Part 2 by Mary Franklin
So Uncivilized: Great Gunslingers in Star Wars, Part 2 by Ed Erdelac
Star Wars Reads Day II: Celebrating a Galaxy of Books by Tricia Barr
10 Reasons Why I Love Being a Star Wars Author by Simon Beecroft Weekly Roundup: October 4, 2013 by the Team
Viva Space Vegas! The History of the Marvelous Wheel, Part 2 by Rich Handley & Abel G. Peņa Weekly Roundup: October 11, 2013 by the Team

And since this has been popping up on a number of sites lately, here's the original Star Wars teaser trailer. Have a great week everybody!

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