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The Last Jedi

Spoiler Free The Last Jedi Review

Posted by Philip on December 12, 2017 at 11:00 AM CST

This is the first Star Wars film since the internet became a thing that I was able to completely avoid any kind of spoilers. I even managed to avoid all trailers, and every single bit of marketing. Other than the porgs. This is not a trivial accomplishment here at I promise.

I did know it was to be the longest running Star Wars movie ever, and I prepared for that by avoiding anything to drink for several hours before the screening. It was good I did so, because leaving at any point of the film would have been problematic because there is a lot going on.

I'm a fan that lives in the camp that believes JJ Arbrams The Force Awakens, was exactly what fans needed at that time in Star Wars. I'm aware that not everybody agrees with me on this. I listen to them and can see their positions, but nothing ever convinced me personally that his version wasn't the best for Star Wars coming back after Disney purchased Lucasfilm.

Now we have Rian Johnson's version, which is different again, and will give those who thought JJ's take on it wasn't the best something to be happy about. It's action packed, full of endless surprises, plenty of emotion and unpredictable. I liked Rian's take on Star Wars very much. It's easy to see how he's been tapped to continue work in the Star Wars universe after Episode IX.

It picks right up from the last film, and answers many questions right way, but you'll have a lot more pretty quickly. I'm pretty sure it's not a spoiler to say that Luke is not saved till the very end of this film. You're going to see plenty of action, meet new characters, learn more about those you already know, and be taken to the edge of your seat many times as our heroes head straight into danger.

Along the way, it's easily the most humorous Star Wars movie ever. I liked it. I laughed out loud many times, often at the porgs. I remember when I first heard about them I thought to myself, "that's stupid". I don't think I'll have a soft and cuddly porg on my bed, but they weren't stupid at all and I'm glad they were in there. BB8 is definitely the astromech star of the show, but R2 does make a nice appearance as well.

As much as I liked the film, it wasn't perfect for me. There were parts and at least one character I didn't think the story needed. I like long movies that take time telling a story but don't over-stay their welcome, and this one didn't drone on, but it could have been shorter without a diversion you may also wonder about as well.

I can't wait to see it a couple more times this weekend.

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