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Select Episodes Of The Clone Wars Re-Airing On Toonami
Posted by Eric on July 31, 2013 at 05:04 PM CST |
Our friends at Club Jade spotted the news that Star Wars: The Clone Wars will begin airing during the Toonami block of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim segment on August 17th. The Toonami Tumblr announced the news today:
On August 17th, Eureka 7 will be going away, never to return. We?ll be sorry to see it go. Replacing it will be STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, which we?re very happy about because we always felt it was a Toonami show. FYI: We?ll be skipping some of the non-continuity (read: Jar Jar) eps, but they?ll generally run in order. AMERICAN CARTOONS BELONG ON TOONAMI! xoxoxoxo
Toonami's Tumblr wouldn't say which episodes they'll be skipping, but they explained their rationale for the abridged presentation: "[W]e just feel there are some clear points that aren't necessary and might be a little too kiddy to show. We may even eventually air those episodes, but not for a while." As for whether these will be the unedited episodes that Cartoon Network censored for their initial airings, Toonami said that they were "looking into" securing those for their reruns. Just don't expect to see the series' bonus content as part of the Toonami deal.

Overall, this news should please The Clone Wars fans who have been hoping for more on-air exposure for this great animated series.
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