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SDCC: Ashley Eckstein, Bonnie Burton On Anti-Bullying Panel

Posted by Eric on July 19, 2013 at 04:48 PM CST

If you're attending San Diego Comic-Con tomorrow, you won't want to miss blogger Carrie Goldman's anti-bullying panel, featuring Ashley Eckstein, Jane Espenson, Bonnie Burton, Brad Bell, and Jenna Busch, as well as the founders of the NOH8 movement, Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley. The panel will take place on Sunday, July 21 at 4pm in Convention Center Room 4.

Carrie Goldman's daughter Katie became an Internet sensation after she was bullied for liking Star Wars, and she has been raising awareness about the issue of the bullying for years. Ashley Eckstein has been a passionate advocate for women and girls in geek culture, both through her clothing company, Her Universe, and her appearances for Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Bonnie Burton, a former Lucasfilm web editor, is the author of Girls Against Girls: Why We Are Mean to Each Other and How We Can Change.

With such well-known and well-informed participants, the anti-bullying panel at SDCC is sure to be an interesting and informative discussion. Topics of conversation will include "geek bullying, LGBT bullying, cyber-bullying, and analyzing how media and entertainment affect our atitudes toward bullying and aggression," according to the Anti-Bullying Coalition.

Here is the time and location information again:

Sunday, July 21 at 4pm
Convention Center Room 4

Thanks to Dan Madsen for the heads-up about this important event!

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