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Rumor: LucasArts Hiring Frozen, Studio's Fate Uncertain
Posted by Eric on March 22, 2013 at 03:07 PM CST |
With layoffs at Lucasfilm Animation proceeding after Lucasfilm's acquisition by Disney, fans have been wondering about the fate of the company's other divisions. We're now seeing rumors that LucasArts, the troubled game studio and publisher, is facing an uncertain post-acqusition fate. Here's what GamesIndustry International says:
Now, sources have indicated to GamesIndustry International that since the acquisition LucasArts hiring has been frozen, and other rumors passed along to us questioned the future of the studio itself. LucasArts, when reached for a statement, said it's "one hundred percent not true" that LucasArts was headed for a shutdown, and that "everything is moving ahead." Speculation will doubtless continue in the absence of hard information about release dates and future products.
LucasArts may have denied this rumor, but there's no denying that the gaming division's recent history is not exactly encouraging. Their last hit was The Force Unleashed, the sequel to which failed to measure up to the original, and nothing major has come out of the studio since then. Even Star Wars: The Old Republic, while still relatively popular, did not live up to its promise as a paid MMORPG.

GamesIndustry International has more background on LucasArts' recent past, plus some analysis from former employees, in their story.
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