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Rumor: Disney Mulling New Release Of Unaltered Original Trilogy

Posted by Eric on July 21, 2013 at 08:32 PM CST

As San Diego Comic-Con winds down, Bill Hunt of entertainment website The Digital Bits shared an interesting rumor on his Facebook page:

Something else discussed among industry friends at the Con this year: the likelihood of original unaltered Star Wars trilogy finally being released on disc in high quality now that Disney is driving the Falcon. Concensus is it's quite likely leading up to new films.
It's certainly not surprising to hear that Disney is considering doing this. They'll want to milk the existing movies for all that they're worth. The only question is how soon Disney can acquire the rights to A New Hope, which -- unlike the other five films -- 20th Century Fox currently owns in perpetuity. Disney won't want to re-release the unaltered versions of two-thirds of the Original Trilogy, so any such release would be tied to a transfer of Episode IV's distribution rights.

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