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Rumor: Disney Executives Wrestling With Boba Fett Spin-off Film

Posted by Eric on April 24, 2014 at 07:50 PM CST

Many fans have been clamoring for a Boba Fett spin-off film, but it appears that Disney is finding that concept problematic as it looks to expand the Star Wars universe beyond the core story that will continue in Episode VII. reports the following tidbit from a Disney executive breakfast that, contrary to what Lucasfilm told us, apparently happened this morning (though we're still waiting for more evidence):

From what we have heard about the event, there was a lot of discussion about Boba Fett at the breakfast. The executives are apparently enthusiastic about the rocket man. There are some minor problems going forward with a film about a villain, however. The general problem with Boba Fett is how to use him effectively without ruining his evil essence to make him the protagonist of a Star Wars Spin-off film. The executive was overheard (paraphrased) as saying, "Lucasfilm wants Boba Fett to remain menacing and scary but we have to make him the hero of the film and it is a real challenge."
Jason from goes on to point out that Lucasfilm's corporate sibling Marvel has had trouble turning its villains into standalone film heroes, referring to their limited success with Loki. Given that Boba Fett operates in a grey area between good and evil, it seems like it would be easier to cast him as a likable protagonist than it would be for Loki.

What do you think about Disney's concerns regarding Boba Fett? Is it important that he be a "hero," or should Disney dispense with the pleasantries and green-light a film in which the bounty hunter pulls no punches?

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