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Rebels Reflection: "Wings of the Master" (Season 2, Episode 5)

Posted by Justin on November 12, 2015 at 11:20 AM CST

Mindless Philosopher

"Wings of the Master" was everything I wanted in a Hera episode. Musings on her past and her family alongside incredible displays of her piloting ability well past the impressive skills she's already shown. Unfortunately, it was all so rushed I feel like we didn't get to truly appreciate what we had. These ideas and story beats were more than worthy of a two part episode, and could have been much more meaningful given the time to explore them more fully.

This isn't a complaint so much as it is a compliment. Sometimes a story is so good it demands more time to be told. And between Kanan inexplicably pushing Hera to take action (typically the other way around), Hera's inspiring but somewhat forced monologue of her love of flight, and the super fast resolution to the blockade (that B-Wing was CRAZY powerful), this episode was packed with moments that felt out of place even as they delighted.

The Clone Wars reached a similar point before they transitioned to more serialized storytelling. I'm beginning to wonder if Rebels is there now.

Questions That Need Answering

I'm dying to know more about Hera's relationship with her father, Cham.

Random Observations

• Doesn't Agent Kallus have any other duties? Did his recent promotion bring with it a mandate to harass the crew of the Ghost exclusively? I love the character. I love David Oyelowo's performance. But unless Kallus is a clone, it'd be nice to see other Imperial operatives from time to time.

• That shot of the Ghost flying past the bridge of Kallus' ship… BEAUTIFUL.

• Kevin Kilner's score for this episode was fantastic.

• So, the B in B-Wing now stands for blade, huh? I'm fine with it. They never looked like Bs to me anyway.


Listen: The Rocketeer- Score by James Horner
The reason waiting in the line for Soarin' at Disney never bothers me. Horner's notes take flight in such a way that you can't help but be inspired. And the movie ain't bad, either.

In Conclusion
That's the truth about "Wings of the Master"… from my point of view. What's yours? Do you agree that the episode deserved more time, or were you satisfied with its presentation?

All wings, report in below with your own thoughts and opinions, or talk Star Wars with me on Twitter @TheApexFan!

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