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Rebels Beware: Imperial Patriotism Campaign Asks Citizens To Fight The Good Fight

Posted by Eric on February 4, 2014 at 12:01 PM CST

This a big day for us at TheForce.Net. We have been given the chance to exclusively reveal a piece of artwork from the Galactic Empire's new patriotism campaign. The image you see above (click to enhance) is one of six images that will be distributed in the form of art cards to randomly selected Imperial citizens over the course of the next few days. Our government source tells us that 2,500 people will receive these art cards in their physical correspondence portals.

Our source also provided us with the following description of the Empire's new initiative:

Star Wars Rebels marks the first original Star Wars entertainment produced by Lucasfilm as part of The Walt Disney Company. This all-new animated series tells the never-before-seen story of new heroes that dare to stand up to the ever-growing might of the Galactic Empire in the days before the Rebel Alliance formed.

To celebrate the launch of the series, Lucasfilm has created a set of limited edition cards that represent the world of Star Wars Rebels, a time when the Empire rules the galaxy with an iron fist, and the loyalty of its citizens is entrenched through fear and deception.

This image is one of the six cards included in an exclusive mailing being sent to 2500 people around the world on February 5th.

These are original illustrations from Amy Beth Christenson, a member of the Lucasfilm Animation art department working on the series.
As the message suggests, the Empire is distributing this artwork for free to remind us that Imperial patriotism is vital to the galaxy's continued prosperity and security.

If you are one of the lucky Imperial citizens who receives an art card, send a picture to TFN on Twitter and we will share your proud message with the galaxy.

UPDATE: You can find the other five art cards on our fellow HoloNet News channels: IGN, Entertainment Tonight, Mashable, Empire, and Omelete.

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