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Orange Harvest: D23 Hints At Disney's Plans For New Star Wars Theme Park Experiences

Posted by Eric on August 9, 2013 at 09:08 AM CST

As Disney's D23 Expo gets underway, two Disney fan sites, Inside the Magic and MiceChat, have posted reports that suggest interesting things in the works for Star Wars experiences at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Inside the Magic interviewed Jason Surrell, an Imagineer (a.k.a. theme park designer) at The Walt Disney Company, and they noticed a set of crates stacked behind him that featured Star Wars-themed markings, including the label "ORANGE HARVEST" (seen above). One of the crates (also seen above) was marked "LIGHTSABER ASSORTMENT" and apparently contained six blue lightsabers, five green lightsabers, and one purple lightsaber. Another crate featured a hole in the side that was shaped like an R2 astromech droid. Still other crates referenced blue milk, C-3PO, and thermal detonators. "We've been receiving these mysterious shipments from all over the galaxy," Surrell told Inside the Magic during their interview, which took place in front of the crates. "We're really not sure what's inside them."

Couple this intriguing development with the report from MiceChat, which says the following about plans to remake Disneyland's Tomorowland area (emphasis ours):

The first phase is planned to get underway this winter with the closing of Captain EO and major “placemaking” work on the existing buildings that mostly date from 1967. The 15 months of work would wrap up by early spring 2015 in time for the 60th, and leave a new Star Wars 3D movie in the old Captain EO theater, new destinations programmed into Star Tours based on the seventh Star Wars movie to be released in summer 2015, and a freshened aesthetic to the buildings surrounding Space Mountain. Once the 60th Anniversary begins to wind down, the real work begins on plans to build a Star Wars speeder bike coaster on the old PeopleMover tracks, plus more Star Wars eye candy and freshened facilities throughout the land.
It may not be an entire Star Wars park, but this news sure is exciting. A twenty-minute 3D mini-movie created exclusively for Disneyland? New, Episode VII-themed destinations for the always-popular Star Tours relaunch? A speeder bike coaster? Count me in.

MiceChat notes that while these plans "have yet to be greenlighted by Burbank," there will be "sketches of the Star Wars land project coming to both Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland’s Tomorrowland" scattered around Walt Disney Imagineering's pavilion at D23.

For more information, check out Inside the Magic's report on "Orange Harvest" and MiceChat's complete D23 rumor report.

Additionally, the Disney fans over at Stitch Kingdom posted this picture of a set of speeder bike blueprints in one of the crates:

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